About Southern Utah University

Student Life

SUU is so much more than attending classes and studying. By living on campus you are right in the middle of everything.... live, learn, work, study and socialize.

Student life can be pretty busy. So don't worry about food, we've got you covered. SUU Food Services provides a variety of food choices and meal plans.

SUU's bookstore provides for textbook needs, but they also sell other items. Apparel, electronics, school supplies; there is a large variety here.

Clubs & Student Involvement
With so many groups on campus, we're pretty sure there is something that matches your interests. And if there isn't? Try starting your own club!

The Southern Utah University Student Association is the student government organization on campus.

Thunderbird Athletics
You'll have the opportunity to check out Division I athletic events while attending SUU. Events are always filled with SPIRIT and students get in free with their student ID card!

Campus Recreation
From intramural sports to our incredible PE facility, there is plenty to keep you occupied on campus.

Student Computing
There are 27 computer labs on campus and the student to computer ratio is 8:1. We've got the technology to keep your learning experience up-to-date.

Student Support Center
The student support center houses many essential services on campus. Included in those are mentoring, disability services and the multi-cultural center. Students are welcome to stop by and discuss their needs with the knowledgeable staff.

Writing Center
Because all writers need readers, the certified tutors at the Writing Center serve students and faculty by offering responses to a wide variety of documents written for a wide variety of purposes and audiences.

By providing job postings on- and off-campus, Human Resources helps students find employment, both during their time at SUU.

SUU has a very safe campus with low crime rates, thanks to our SUU Police office. They provide law enforcement to the SUU campus and is one of the most highly trained offices in the state.

Service & Learning Center
The center enhances SUU's learning environment by providing service opportunities for students, faculty and staff.

Parent Services

Allies on Campus