Office of the Provost

Festival of Excellence

Celebrating Academic and Creative Scholarship

The Festival of Excellence is an annual celebration of academic and creative scholarship produced by SUU's Student, Faculty, and Staff.

The five major categories for presentation are: leadership, outdoor engagement, community engagement, creativity, and global engagement. Workshop types will include concurrent presentations, poster sessions, and creative work demonstrations/presentations.

Concurrent Sessions: Faculty, students, and staff will prepare a 15-30 minute presentation on a research topic, publication, or paper. Additional Q&A time is included. Presenters can propose to present as an individual or as part of a panel. Venues will include classrooms and theatre style rooms on campus.

Poster Sessions: Faculty, students, and staff will create posters that feature research projects and presentations. Presenters will have 30 minutes to share information and answer questions about their posters which will be set-up all day in one of the campus venues.

Creative Works: Faculty, students, and staff who have projects which relate to the fields of fine arts, music, theatre, visual arts, poetry, etc. should apply within the Creative Works category. Artistic venues will include a variety of campus sites that are conducive to the specific activity or media. This includes Displays and Performances.

All questions can be directed to: McKennan Hansen,