Office of the Provost - Academic Roadmap

How we will get there

Academic Core Vision

Southern Utah University will be nationally recognized as a premier institution of learning known for enabling its students to honor thought in all its finest forms, achieve excellence in their chosen field, and create positive change in the world.

Academic Mission

The academic mission of Southern Utah University is to provide a personalized, integrative, and experiential learning environment designed to prepare students to become fully engaged and productive members of society. In order to fulfill its mission SUU will:

  • Emphasize excellence in learning designed to foster critical thinking, effective communication, lifelong intellectual curiosity, global awareness, personal responsibility, and integrity
  • Offer educational experiences typical of private universities with the affordability of public higher education
  • Provide outstanding programs of study in the arts and sciences, pre professional, professional, and graduate studies
  • Contribute to state, regional, and community needs as a social, cultural, and economic catalyst
  • Harness and integrate our unique geographic location in the SUU educational experience

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  • Undergraduate Students
  • Graduate Students
  • Faculty (full & part time)
  • Executive (professional & classified staff)
  • SUU Board of Trustees
  • SUU Alumni
  • Community Members & Employers
  • USHE and Regents

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Core Themes

Academic Excellence

With superior teaching and engaged learning as its foundation, academic excellence is the hallmark of Southern Utah University. Students are expected to meet the challenges of rigorous programs of study offered at SUU. Unique experiential education programs and dedicated faculty promote both critical and creative thinking and scholarly activity in a supportive learning environment.

Involvement & Personal Growth

Southern Utah University encourages student growth and development by providing opportunities and programs designed to broaden social and cultural perspectives through campus and community service, and outdoor, creative, and global engagement activities.

Community & Social Responsibility

Essential to the educational process is a sense of an academic community wherein collaboration, diversity, respect for all people, concern for the environment, civility, and shared governance are cultivated.

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Strategic Initiative

1 Achieve Academic Excellence and Distinctiveness

1.1 Pursue and support accreditation for academic programs

1.2 Enhance international partnerships and global awareness

1.3 Increase academic standards and rigor

1.4 Qualify for institutional membership in Phi Beta Kappa

1.5 Coordinate efforts through the VP for Marketing Communication to promote SUU’s academic excellence

Our Progress

1.1  Accreditation

  • School of Business successful 5-year review by Association for the Advancement of Collegiate Business Schools (AACSB) in February 2011
  • Nursing program hosts onsite visit in the fall 2010 by Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE)
  • Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) site visit in September 2010

1.2  International partnerships

  • Sargon Heinrich Global Engagement Center opened fall 2010
  • Finalized plans for Summer Study Abroad activities for 2011-12
  • Multiple partnership agreements under development for China, Indonesia and South America
  • Coordinated fundraising effort in support of Queensland, Australia spring 2011

1.3  Academic Rigor & Distinctiveness

  • Revising assessment systems for courses and academic programs
  • New Sustainability Studies, Shakespeare Studies, Museum Studies, and Women and gender Studies Minors proposed to the Board of Regents spring 2011
  • Established and enforced admissions application deadline of May 1, starting in 2010

1.4  Phi Beta Kappa

  • Formed faculty working group to develop applications to Phi Beta Kappa and Phi Kappa Phi fall 2010

1.5  Promote SUU’s Academic Excellence

  • New faculty newsletter Summit published and new website created to profile faculty excellence January 2011
  • Create staff support position of Academic Information Officer May 2011

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2 Secure Resources for the Academic Roadmap

2.1 Create multi-year tuition plan that will support academic excellence and student engagement

2.2 Create multi-year plan for enhancing faculty and staff compensation

2.3 Develop budget plans to better support undergraduate and graduate programs

2.4 Identify viability of new academic programs and quality initiatives

2.5 Evaluate scholarships, waivers, student employment, and financial aid support system

2.6 Coordinate efforts with the VP for Institutional Advancement to secure resources to support academic initiatives

Our Progress

2.1, 2.2, 2.3 Multi-year budget plans created to support programs and faculty and staff salary equity and for new initiatives outlined in Roadmap plan

2.4 Identify viable new programs and quality initiatives

  • New BA & BS degree program proposed in Philosophy January 2011
  • New BA & BS degree program proposed in General Studies February 2011
  • New Minors Proposed: Sustainability Studies, Museum Studies, Shakespeare Studies, Women and Gender Studies February and March 2011
  • Experiential Education Requirement approved and to start fall 2011
  • New Centers: Beverley Taylor Sorenson Center for Innovative Education, Shakespeare Studies, Hospitality Research approved fall 2010 and spring 2011
  • New Emphasis in Range Management in BIS degree in Agriculture March 2011
  • Two new Emphasis areas in Hospitality, Resort & Hotel Management: Food & Beverage Management, Lodging & Convention Management April 2011

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3 Develop High Impact Educational Programs and Practices

3.1 Develop the Experiential Education Requirement (EER)

3.2 Develop Interdisciplinary Programs

3.3 Enhance Honors Program

3.4 Assess the General Education curriculum & First-Year Programs

Our Progress

3.1  Develop Experiential Education Requirement (EER)

  • EER Approved and starts fall 2011
  • Created new courses in support of EER: UNIV 3925 & UNIV 3945 March 2011
  • Redesigned UNIV 1010 course to incorporate EER and new e-portfolio training March 2011

3.2  Develop Interdisciplinary Programs

  • Three New Interdisciplinary programs starting Fall 2011: Sustainability Studies, Shakespeare Studies, Women & Gender Studies

3.4  Assess General Education Curriculum & First-Year Program

  • Working group formed to review SUU GE program spring 2011
  • First-Year experience program revised to reflect new Experiential  Education Requirement (EER)

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4 Increase Student Success and Engagement

4.1 Develop and implement a master plan for student success initiatives and enrollment management

4.2 Enhance the quality and consistency of academic advising

4.3 Increase support for students seeking graduate school and career counseling

4.4 Create a campus atmosphere nurturing and promoting intellectual stimulation

Our Progress

4.1  Develop and implement a master plan for student success initiatives and enrollment management

  • Increase Admissions Index to 90 for incoming class Fall 2011
  • Bridge Program developed for at-risk students for Fall 2010
  • Activate Student Engagement Task Teams February 2011: Early Alert, Learning Communities, Academic Advising, and Customer Service
  • Redesign College Connections Program for students with low Academic Index scores January 2011

4.2  Enhance quality and consistency of academic advising

  • Hire and train additional advisors in fall 2010 and for fall 2011
  • Acquire and implement DegreeWorks software to assist students and advisors with academic planning June 2011

4.3  Increase support for students seeking graduate and career counseling

  • Establish Graduate School Fair fall 2010
  • Hired Career and Professional Development Coordinator August 2010
  • Acquire and implement Optimal Resume software to better assist students and alumni with career planning and development June 2011

4.4  Create a campus atmosphere nurturing and promoting intellectual stimulation

  • Established a task force to develop recommendations about campus-wide and college convocations fall 2010

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5 Achieve Organizational Efficiencies

5.1 Create a University College

5.2 Regularly assess alignment of colleges and academic programs

5.3 Create an Office of Institutional Research

5.4 Develop and implement plans to enhance Library holdings and services

5.5 Continue to ensure the uniformity of high quality service in key student support areas on campus

5.6 Ensure SUU is employing effective technology in teaching and learning environments

5.7 Develop institutional plan for distance and online learning

Our Progress

5.1  Create a University College

  • College created fall 2010 and Interim Dean appointed
  • Revise the Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies (BIS) degree fall 2010
  • Create a new BA/BS in General Studies for approval by fall 2011

5.2  Regularly assess alignment of colleges and academic departments

  • Merger of College of Computing, Integrated Engineering, and Technology (CIET) with College of Science in Fall 2011 to create new College of Science and Engineering
  • Create School of Computing & Technology within the College of Science and Engineering for fall 2011

5.3  Create an Office of Institutional Research

  • Office of Institutional Research and Assessment created September 2010
  • Revised the IR web pages related to Fact Book January 2011
  • Hire Data Analyst to support Office of Institutional Research & Assessment June 2011

5.4  Develop and implement plans to enhance Library holdings

  • Created Library benchmarks to new peer group summer 2010
  • Expanded subscriptions to online databases in summer and fall of 2010
  • Created additional study rooms in Library in spring 2011
  • Ongoing participation as a regional hub of the Mountain West Digital Library
  • Expand membership in the Friends of the Library support group through annual gala
  • Acquire Early English Books Online (EEBO) Database to support faculty and student research

5.5  Continue to ensure the uniformity of high quality service in key student support areas

  • Student Services Engagement & Retention Roadmap created in fall of 2010

5.6  Ensure SUU is employing effective technology in teaching and learning environments

  • 14 classrooms upgraded computer and technology in fall 2010
  • Established a working and advisory group to develop 3-year plan for distance and online education at SUU in fall 2010

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6 Support Faculty & Staff Excellence and Development

6.1 Hire and retain outstanding faculty and staff to support mission and academic strategic goals

6.2 Review and address faculty workload issues

6.3 Create Center for Teaching and Faculty Development (CTFD)

6.4 Support faculty scholarly, creative, and research grants

Our Progress

6.1  Hire and retain outstanding faculty and staff

  • Hired 8 new faculty and staff for fall 2010 to address enrollment bottlenecks
  • Plan to hire 12 new faculty and staff for fall 2011 in support of high enrollment and need areas

6.2  Review and address faculty workload issues

  • Revise policy 6.27 and 6.9 pertaining to workload and supplemental compensation during 2010-11 academic year

6.3  Create Center of Excellence for Teaching and Learning (CETL)

  • Center created and interim director appointed Summer 2011
  • Mission and Vision statements drafted and approved Fall 2010
  • New website created for CETL spring 2011
  • Workshop series initiated fall 2010
  • Leadership Academy for faculty started spring semester 2011

6.4  Support faculty scholarly, creative, and research grants

  • Budget increased for Faculty Scholarly Support Fund starting fall 2010
  • Separate Faculty Development Grant Fund created starting in fall 2010

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It is tradition at commencement for SUU faculty and staff to lead the graduates in processional, eventually lining their path on both sides and applauding our new alumni as they embark on new journeys of excellence. With your help, this Academic Roadmap will assure future students of even brighter vistas.