Office of the Provost - Academic Roadmap

Charting our progress

Our success as an institution of liberal arts and sciences can be chiefly evaluated by measurable increases in SUU student success (1-6), and by working toward specific administrative objectives (7-10).

Key Performance Indicator (KPI)

Progress Status


Fall-to-fall retention rate increases

Increased fall-to-fall retention rate from 63.7% for the fall 2008 cohort to 64.7% for the fall 2012 cohort


Freshman six-year graduation rate increases

Increased Six-year graduation rate from 39.5% for the fall 2003 cohort to 52.6% for the fall 2007 cohort


10-year average % of students finding employment increases

Data was not deemed reliable


10-year average % of students continuing their education increases

Data was not deemed reliable


Admissions selectivity increases

Increased Average Admission Index for new freshmen from 105.72 in fall 2009 to 110.09 in fall 2013 and average high school GPA increased from 3.39 in fall 2009 to 3.49 in 2013.


New freshman average ACT score increases

Increase average ACT score for new freshmen from 21.84 (fall 2009) to 22.91 (fall 2013).


Faculty & Staff salaries reach 100% CUPA average

Increased faculty and staff salaries from the average of 90% of CUPA (2010) to 93% of CUPA-HR (2013)


Reduce number of faculty teaching on overload

Data still being collected and analyzed for Academic Roadmap


Student–Faculty ratio becomes more favorable

Decreased student-faculty ratio from 20.3 (2009-10) to 18.3 (2012-13). Increased the number of full-time faculty from 216 (fall 2009) to 247 in (fall 2013)


Number of classes with fewer than 30 students increases

Increased undergraduate lecture classes with less than 30 students from 60.1%  (fall 2009) to 66.1% (fall 13)