Office of the Provost

Award Notification

SPARC and the PI are responsible for reviewing the terms and conditions of an award prior to its acceptance by the University. SPARC is responsible for ensuring that the sponsor requirements are compatible with the University's sponsored project policies, consistent with governmental regulations applicable to universities, and reflect the understandings agreed upon prior to the award. The PI is responsible for ensuring that the terms and conditions of the award are compatible with the proposed work. SPARC has the primary responsibility for resolving any differences between the University and the sponsor with regard to terms and conditions of new awards as well as modifications and amendments to existing awards. Sponsors must be directed to send any award notice to the Sponsored Programs, Agreements, Research and Contracts Office. As it happens, however, sponsors sometimes send award notices to other campus offices. Some federal agencies, for example, send notices directly to the PI or to the Vice President for Finance. In such cases, recipients are required to forward the notice and accompanying documents to SPARC for action.

Award Negotiation

Use this information in the event that the award is not accepted as proposed and may need changes.

  • In the event that a sponsor requests substantial changes to the budget (involving a reduction equal to or greater than 20% overall), the PI should consider modifying the scope of work to reflect the reduced level of available support;
  • Where no reduction in the scope of work is proposed, or where the reduced budget has an impact on a University cost sharing commitment, the PI must seek the concurrence, in writing, of those who endorsed the External Funding Routing Form. To facilitate this review, the PI may request that SPARC prepare a new External Funding Routing Form;
  • In cases where the sponsor requests changes that impact regulatory compliance (for example, if the sponsor requests a change that will affect a submitted or approved human subjects protocol), the PI must ensure that an amendment is provided to the appropriate regulatory committee in a timely manner;
  • In the event the sponsor proposes or requires changes that affect the work, budget, or regulatory compliance for a subawardee, the PI and SPARC will work together to communicate the changes to the subawardee institution and resolve the changes.

Award Acceptance

The President of the University has delegated to the provost the legal authority to sign grants, contracts, and assurances and to commit University funds in connection with those grants and contracts. Only an authorized representative may sign a sponsor agreement or other instrument to indicate the University's acceptance of an award.

Award Acceptance

Notice of Award

Most notice of awards will address certain points. Make sure this information is correct.

What to look for in a Notice of Award

Roles & Responsibilities: Award Notification, Negotiation, and Acceptance

-Please reference the Roles & Responsibilities matrix located on the Home page


  • Reviews and endorses award notifications;
  • In consultation with the principal investigator and others as appropriate, negotiates award terms;
  • In cooperation with the PI, communicates changes to the chair, dean, or collaborating institutions.

Principal Investigator

  • Advises SPARC of any developments during the period between the application and award that require changes to the proposed budget or scope of work;
  • Where the notice of award significantly differs from the proposal, the PI reviews and approves the award, budget, terms and conditions;
  • Where the award requires new or substantially different commitments, the PI consults with others as appropriate (chair, dean, collaborators) to secure review and approval.