Office of the Provost

Cost Share/Matching/In-Kind Donations Information

This requires the campus and its partners to contribute towards the total cost of the project. The amount of such contribution required may vary from less than 5% to greater than 50% of the total project cost. The University’s share of such costs may come from several sources: other support for the same project, i.e., from non-Federal sources if the project is to be Federally-funded; a portion of the faculty member’s project time for which no support funds are being requested; a portion of the Facilities and Administrative (F&A) costs may have to be contributed (special campus approval is required); and/or contributed resources from the Department or College. Cost sharing should be included only where absolutely required by the Federal agency.

It can never be assumed to be a voluntary or gratuitous gesture.

Cost-sharing imposes a substantial burden on the PI to provide supporting documentation.

Types of Cost Share


Non-cash contributions of time, talents, or resources from SUU of donated by third parties for which SUU is responsible. Third party contributions may be in the form of real property, equipment, supplies and other expendable property, or goods and services directly benefiting and specifically designated for the project or program.


The portion of time spent on the project or program expressed as a percentage of the individual's total activity at the institution.


The definition of cash cost share is outlays of funds to support the total project through acquiring material, buying equipment, paying labor and other cash overlays required to perform the statement of work.

**Please consult with the SPARC office before committing any Volunteer/In-Kind Cost Share in the project.

Review the SPARC Manual for steps to ensure cost share/matching/in-kind funds are identified, verified, and reviewed by appropriate personnel.