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Southern Utah University will build the Southern Utah Museum of Art (SUMA), a 26,000-square-feet museum that will become a major year-round regional cultural attraction. Education is central to its purpose of exhibiting, collecting and preserving historic and contemporary works of art significant to the interior American West, as the educational vision of SUMA is to become the first nationally accredited art museum operated by graduate and undergraduate students in a shared research, learning and applied environment mentored by the faculty, administration, and staff of Southern Utah University.

To date, half of $12.5 million needed for this privately funded project has been committed, including support from Iron County and a generous estate gift by acclaimed artist Jim Jones. Contributions for SUMA have come from gifts of $100 to $1,000 to $1 million. The vision of a comprehensive regional arts center first imagined by Jones has materialized into the Southern Utah Museum of Art.

SUMA will be built on the northwest corner opposite the Utah Shakespeare Festival, forming a true “Corner on the Arts” in Cedar City. The museum’s glass interior walls will provide unrestricted views of the conservation labs and collection storage, showcasing a behind-the-scenes look into the work of artists, curators and educators. With several galleries, a variety of multi-use spaces and a more accessible location, SUMA may host more than 60,000 visitors annually, including outreach programs for thousands of K-12 students.

For more, visit the SUMA website or contact:

Shauna Mendini, Dean,
College of Performing & Visual Arts

Donna Law, Development Director

The new Shakespeare Theatre

Since 1961, the Utah Shakespeare Festival has gleamed as a jewel in southern Utah. Its Adams Theatre has stood as the Festival icon, hailed as one of the world’s most faithful recreations of an Elizabethan theatre, and revered as the center of much of the cultural and economic life of our region. However, today, the beloved edifice has nearly reached the end of its viability. The Utah Shakespeare Festival, committed to building upon a half-century of quality, knows that a new theatre is central to our goal to:

The new theatre will expand opportunities to a broader audience over a longer timeframe each year with a wider range of great actors, and greater numbers of patrons. When completed, the new Shakespeare Theatre will re-create the charm, dimensions, and intimate environment that over the years have so thrilled and excited our patrons. Only now, this environment will include the comforts and necessities that will allow the Festival to move forward with its Tony Award-winning quality intact. The new theatre will provide much-needed audience comforts, including a retractable roof for inclement weather, ADA accommodations and HVAC improvements to enable the Festival to extend its season. Additionally, an adjacent artistic wing will provide necessary facilities for artistic, technical, and administrative uses.

Of course, at the core of it all is the “product”: great theatre. There is no question that improved facilities will improve the overall quality of the theatrical experience for patrons. Moreover, the quality of the acting company as well as the technical support teams will also improve as, due to the longer season, longer contracts can be guaranteed. The net result is even better theatre at the Utah Shakespeare Festival.

For more information, please contact:

Fred C. Adams
Utah Shakespeare Festival

Staci J. Carson
Director of Capital Projects,
Utah Shakespeare Festival


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