Controller's Office

Pick-up Information

Please follow these directions to properly dispose of your surplus property.

  1. A Retirement, Trade-In, Transfer of Equipment Form must be completed prior to any surplus being picked up.
  2. Pick-up of the items will occur within 72 hours of the request.  If more time is needed, you will receive an email clarifying when the pick-up will occur.
  3. Computers:
    Due to state statutes and licensing regulations, all computers given to Surplus from the departments must have all software applications wiped (including operating system).  Please have the IT department perform this function prior to requesting a pickup from Surplus.  IT will mark the computer "Wiped" - Surplus can not accept any computers until they have been wiped.
  4. Please send an email to stating that you need a pick-up of items, state what the items are, where they are located, and include any additional contact information if you feel there is a better way to contact you if needed.
  5. Desks
    Please remove all files and confidential paperwork from desks.