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Incident Reporting

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In the event an accident happens involving University property, University employees (in the scope of their jobs), or a University Student (in the scope of their coursework) an Incident Report should be completed by all parties and/or witnesses involved. Please note if SUU Police was called at the time of the incident so their police report can be requested.

Forward the information to SUU Risk Management
385 S 1275 W (office location)
FAX: 435 586-5482
Phone: 435 586-7901

SUU Risk Management will submit the claim to the State of Utah Division of Risk Management (DRM) once the required documentation is received. The DRM determines what coverages apply to each claim on a case-by-case basis according to the current policy. No guarantees of payment can be made to any parties involved in an accident. Liability is based on the individual circumstances surrounding the incident. An investigation will be conducted by DRM to determine SUU liability. Injured parties will be contacted directly by a Claim Adjuster from DRM to obtain additional information if necessary.