Finance & Administration


Vision Statement

Administrative & Financial Services is dedicated to supporting the mission of Southern Utah University.  As a comprehensive regional university committed to offering a personalized learning environment to its students, SUU promotes knowledge and skill development through excellence in teaching, public service and scholarly activities.

Mission Statement

The Administrative & Financial Services component of Southern Utah University serves to promote a sound and healthy fiscal climate, as well as to create and maintain beautiful physical facilities and grounds.  Success in our endeavors is accomplished by:

  • Acknowledging our role as a service unit, acting professionally and ethically, constantly exploring ways in which service can be enhanced.
  • Achieving and maintaining a strong financial condition commensurate with the size and complexity of the institution.
  • Developing a management team responsible for leading an institution with forward-thinking operational and human resource practices.
  • Creating a diversely talented team of employees in terms of the skills, experiences, and creative abilities we bring to the table.
  • Recognizing and enhancing the out-of-class educational opportunities we provide to students through work and internship experiences.
  • Establishing an administrative operation recognized throughout the state and region as a benchmark for other institutions.

Recognizing that integrity in all our dealings is non-negotiable, our mission is to provide the means financially, operationally, and physically that will aid our students in their pursuit of educational excellence.