Human Resources

Student Employment

Major Part-Time Employers at SUU

Human Resources, Admin 106, is happy to assist students in their job search. The responsibility rests with the student to obtain employment. No one can be guaranteed a job, particularly as most of our students are able and willing to work.

Employer Location Supervisor Telephone
Facilities Management (Custodial, Grounds, Maintenance, Lock Shop, Mechanical, etc.) Plant Operations, PO 111 Cindy Moxley 865-8735
Campus Recreation & Fitness Center Physical Education, PE 205 Ken Nielson 586-7774
Student Success (Tutors) Sharwan Smith Center, #205L Mona Taylor 586-7951

It would be to your advantage to complete an application form and submit it to a prospective employer. Please check regularly on the student employment board in the Sharwan Smith Center or on this website for specific job openings and other information.