Human Resources

Student Employment

On-Campus Student Employment Guide

Most campus offices employ student workers in data entry, secretarial/clerical and general office positions.  Students are also employed by Facilities Management (Custodial, Grounds, Maintenance), Post Office, Heat Plant, Library, Bookstore, University Housing and as tutors and lab assistants in Student Success.

Policy states that all part-time hourly employees are limited to no more than two active positions open at any given time.

  • Job Listings
    Part-time listings for both on-campus and off-campus jobs are posted on the bulletin boards in the Sharwan Smith Center across the hall from the Center for Politics (173). Listings can also be found online on SUU's website by clicking on "Employment Opportunities" and then "Student Employment".
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  • Eligibility
    To be eligible to work on-campus during the school year, a student must be enrolled for a minimum of six credit hours.
  • Application Procedure
    Student jobs are advertised and the application form is available online or through the Human Resources Office in Admin 106. Each department selects its own student employees.
    Federal law requires that all employees supply proof of identity and employability. Therefore, ALL STUDENTS MUST SUPPLY APPROPRIATE ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS BEFORE THEY CAN BE EMPLOYED ON-CAMPUS. A number of documents will suffice, but the most commonly used are one of the following combinations: unexpired driver's license and original social security card OR unexpired driver's license and original, certified birth certificate issued by a county or state government OR unexpired passport. A complete list of approved documents can be found on the back of the I-9 form (Page 5, if you follow the link). Human Resources will need to see original documents, not photocopies. International Students may need to provide additional required documentation. Please refer to the I9 form link above. For additional assistance contact Human Resources located in the Administration Building Room 106.
  • Rate of Pay
    Student workers are paid at least minimum wage, currently $7.25/hr. Individual departments may pay student workers at higher rates when the required skill level and/or experience justify a higher rate. 
  • Work Hours
    Hourly Students and Hourly Non-Student Employees may not work in excess of 20 hours per week on campus during fall and spring semesters when classes are in session. Hours per week cannot exceed 40  hours when classes are not in session or in the summer term or holiday/vacation breaks.
  • Work-Study
    Work-Study is part of a federal financial assistance program for students. Work-study awards are made to students as part of the student’s financial aid package. A student who has a work-study award may work in either a work-study position or in a regular-payroll job; however, only students who have received work-study awards will be hired for work-study jobs. Additional information on Work-Study.
  • Authorization
    First-time SUU student employees or employees who have not worked on campus within the last 12 months must complete four payroll forms: the Payroll Action Form, I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification, W-4, and Direct Deposit Form (must include a voided check or printout from bank that has the routing and account numbers).   After a student has been selected for a campus job, they need to complete the above-listed forms at the Human Resources Office, Admin 106.  Once the forms are completed, the employee will be given a hire date from Human Resources and work authorization to take back to their supervisor.  STUDENTS MAY BEGIN WORK ONLY AFTER COMPLETING THE NECESSARY FORMS AND RECEIVING WORK AUTHORIZATION FROM THE HUMAN RESOURCES OFFICE.  Students who have worked at SUU within the last 12 months will not have to fill out payroll forms, but will need to fill out a new W4 form, update addresses, and check any previous direct deposit information.