Human Resources

Student Employment

Payroll Forms and Identification

Whether a student has obtained a Work-Study or a Regular Payroll position on campus, Federal law requires their paperwork be completed at the time of hire and employees should not begin work until is paperwork is completed in full.

If a student has worked on campus before, an EPAF can be completed by your supervisor, unless previously completed eligibility forms need to be updated. (Change of name, address, etc.)
If a student has NEVER worked on campus before, the forms listed below are required to be completed before they can begin work:

  • Payroll Action Request
  • W-4 Employee's Withholding Certificate
  • I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification
  • Direct Deposit Enrollment Form

Employment Policies (i.e.) Drug-Free Workplace Policy and Non-Discrimination/Anti-Harassment Policy

I-9 Form: Employees will be asked to show acceptable documentation to verify their employment eligibility. A list of documentation is located on the second page of the I-9 form. Keep in mind that original, unexpired documents are required--no photocopies/faxes. The most common forms of verification are 1) a US Passport, or 2) a valid driver's license and Social Security Card.