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Job # 2012-572 student success mentors

Employer Academic Advising
Posting Date June 5, 2013
Description Student Success Mentors will assist students in achieving academic success by working, depending on the mentor's individual strengths, in one or both of the following areas: As a mentor to incoming freshman enrolled in UNIV 1050: College Student Success (a course focusing on helping students become efficient, effective, successful learners). Mentors attend class sessions 2-3 days per week to assist with activities, lead discussions, and teach small group lessons. They are also responsible for meeting one-on-one outside of class with approx. 10 students to offer support, resources, follow-up, etc. Spring semester hours/availability may vary. With the SANS program contacting and aiding students who may be underperforming academically. Mentors will work with these students to resolve issues by making them aware of available university resources and by following up as needed to ensure the student is receiving the necessary support. Mentors will also be leaving feedback with the submitting faculty member. Some mentors will also be encouraged to tutor those students to whom they have been assigned on a short-term basis (primarily in Math, Chemistry, Biology, and English).
Number of Openings 12-16
Salary/Wage $7.50/hr
Work Hours 10-20
Qualifications  Cumulative GPA of at least 2.5. Strong interpersonal communication skills and desire to help students required. Must be self-motivated and able to proactively reach out to and connect with students. Ability to independently organize/complete meetings and other work tasks outside of office/classroom setting. Knowledge of campus resources and involvement preferred. Those interested in tutoring should have a GPA of 3.0 or higher and a strong background in the desired subject.
Application Procedure /
Contact Information
 Students should submit an SUU student application along with a current resume and a letter of interest to Aaron Templin in the Academic Advising Center on the second floor of the Sharwan Smith Center rotunda or by email to Students interested in tutoring should also submit at least one letter of reference from faculty in the area you wish to tutor.  Interviews will be held throughout the summer until the positions are filled. Some training may be required and will take place prior to the start of classes
Closing Date when filled