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Job # 2012 - 548 Office Assistant - Disability Office

Employer Carmen Alldredge - Disability Office
Posting Date 05/13/2013
Description Working at the Disability Office helping students with accommodations. Tracking students' progress every semester, using great customer service.
Number of Openings 2
Salary/Wage $7.50
Work Hours 10 to 15 hrs. a week
Qualifications Applicants must have good communication and personal skills, positive attitude is a must because of the interaction with students, faculty and staff. Assistants must be able to handle situa tions professionally and in timely manner. Multitasking is necessary, at times we will have many students needing services at the same time, the ability to be quick on your feet in stressful situations is always helpful. Proficiency with Microsoft and excel is necessary, those programs are used on regular bases and it is expected to be knowledgeable with them. We need someone to be self motivated, student workers in our office are not told constantly what to do, but rather they are expected to get things done when on shift. An intellectual person with a kind personality would be very well suited for this position.
Application Procedure /
Contact Information
Please bring a SUU application and a resume to Carmen Alldredge located in the Sharwan Smith Center Building room 206 F
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Closing Date July 2, 2013