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The Utah Prairie Dog Recovery Implementation Program (UPDRIP) is a public-private, multi-agency partnership focused on recovering the Utah prairie dog in balance with existing land uses and continued development. The Program offers a forum for coordinating Utah prairie dog (UPD) recovery, information exchange, and conflict resolution.

Several existing ongoing initiatives fall under the "umbrella" of UPDRIP, while Program Partners also work to produce new cooperative projects on the ground to expedite recovery of the UPD and provide assistance to local landowners.

Goal 1 Recover the Utah prairie dog so that it no longer requires protection under the Endangered Species Act; and

Goal 2 Allow for existing land uses and continued growth and development within the historic range of the Utah prairie dog.

Current events

  • UPDRIP has organized a committee called Recovery Implementation Team (RIT) to develop management strategies to implement the Recovery Plan so that "delisting" can commence.  The RIT has described actions such as establishing translocation sites, improving habitat, controlling predation, and eliminating prairie dog diseases across the range of the Utah Prairie Dog.  The RIT will issue a final report which will become the basis for the UPDRIP Action Plan.
  • Trapping and translocation of Utah Prairie Dogs has concluded for this season (July and August) with 1,321 animals removed from sites in Iron County and 741 animals removed from sites in Garfield County.