Resources for Landowners & Developers

If you are a landowner who has property with Utah prairie dogs you are subject to current laws mandated by the Endangered Species Act, since the Utah prairie dog is a federally listed "threatened" species under the Endangered Species Act. ESA § 9 makes it unlawful for anyone to "take" a listed animal. "Take" defined by the ESA, is to "harm" a federally listed species; the term ``harm'' includes any act which actually kills or injures fish or wildlife. Such acts may include significant habitat modification or degradation that significantly impairs essential behavioral patterns of fish or wildlife.   This applies to private parties and private land; a landowner is not allowed to harm a federally listed animal or its habitat on his property.

This remains true unless the property owner has a "take" permit from the US Fish & Wildlife. In Iron County, private property owners can receive a "take" permit through the Iron County Habitat Conservation Plan. Another way to receive "take" is to buy habitat credits from a private mitigation bank. Below are steps private landowners can follow to receive "take" of UPD on their property:

Obtain a "take" permit through the Iron County HCP

Clear property of UPD encumberances by purchasing Habitat Credits through the UPD Habitat Credits Exchange Program (Panoramaland RC&D)

Habitat Credits Exchange Program website where you can find information, applications, forms, contact info, etc.