Staff Association

Executive Board Final Voting

2013 Candidates


James Loveland
Network Systems Administrator, Information Technology; 9 years at SUU.

Zach Murray
Director of Business Operations, Student Services; 2 years at SUU.


Paula Lambeth
Administrative Assistant, Agriculture & Nutrition; 18 years at SUU.

Kathleen McDowell
Executive Assistant, Regional Services; 13 years at SUU.


Tresa Flanigan
Accounts Receivable Clerk, Controller's Office; 1 year at SUU.

Jennifer Hunter
Telephone System Specialist, Information Technology; 2 years at SUU.

Sheri Lopez
Administrative Assistant, Human Resources; 3 years at SUU.


Sonn Berrett
Lead maintenance Carpenter, Facilities Management; 8 years at SUU.

Reko Hargrave
Academic College Advisor, Academic Advising Center; 2 years at SUU.

Brian Fullerton
Assistant Director, Upward Bound; 2 years at SUU.

Nellie Lee
Financial Aid Counselor, Financial Aid & Scholarships; 1 year at SUU.

Brandon Rasmussen
Network Systems Administrator, Information Technology; 7 years at SUU.

Jim Shakespear
Network Systems Administrator, Information Technology; 1 year at SUU.

Josh Stavros
Associate Education Director, Utah Shakespeare Festival; 1 year at SUU.

Trudy Widup
Mail Clerk Lead, Post Office; 2 years at SUU.

In accordance with the By-laws of the Southern Utah University Staff Association, the nominating committee has prepared the following ballot for your consideration. Please submit your vote by 5:00 p.m. on June 10, 2013.