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SUU In View - Fall 2001 - Thunderfest, Scholarships and more | Alumni | SUU
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SUU In View (Alumni Magazine - Fall 2001)

SUU… from start to finish

A Graduate giving a hugThe energetic group of individuals who make up the School Relations team are excited to announce their new slogan this summer: "SUU is Your University from Start to Finish." The acronym "SUU," is a "U"nique way to market to high school students, the advantages of coming directly to SUU instead of transferring after a couple of years from a junior college. For the new campaign, the "S" stands for Size. With a student body of around 6,500, students will find SUU is the perfect place to attend school and be heard, instead of being part of the herd! The first "U" represents Unique Location. Surrounded by seven state and national parks, SUU lies in one of the most beautiful parts of the country. The last "U" describes the Unbelievable Personalization that is a hallmark of SUU. The professors are here to help students achieve their dreams and goals. Every student is an individual.

Thunderfest for future students and alumni

The School Relations team has been busily planning a new program for this fall to reach out to a variety of audiences as part of its recruiting efforts.

The first annual Thunderfest will explode the third week of November, stretching from Salt Lake City to Las Vegas, with nights in-between in Utah Valley, Central Utah and St. George. The program is not only designed to help share the wonderful story of the University with potential students, but also to bring alumni and friends up-to-date with all the latest accomplishments and developments taking place at "their school." School Relations Director Kristian Olsen says, "We will have a number of our talented performance groups, theatre students, athletes, student government officers and others representing many of the outstanding facets of our great school." More information about Thunderfest dates and locations will be forthcoming soon in the mail and through the media. Or call the School Relations office at 865-8015.

New approach in awarding Scholarships

A new approach to awarding leadership and academic scholarships at SUU will not only make more students eligible to receive and retain a scholarship, it will allow both the students and the school a much better chance to get to know each other during the process.

The School Relations team is replacing the cur rent process, which simply reviews a written application to make a decision on who receives an award, to requiring scholarship candidates to visit campus for an interview and participate in a scholarship weekend. "This is not only a new idea for SUU," Olsen says, "it is a bold new step since no other school in the state is using this kind of a program to award the majority of their scholarships."

Twelve different Scholarship Weekends on campus will be broken down into the four different categories of Academic, Leadership, Multicultural, and Junior Honors. At each weekend, participants will submit a resume and high school transcripts and will be interviewed by a panel consisting of faculty, staff and administrators. All students who would like a chance to receive a scholarship will be required to attend at least one of the weekends.

Olsen says that the weekends will be both fun and serious, and that there are some real strengths and advantages to this new policy. "First, is that we will be able to lower our GPA requirement. In the past a students needed to maintain a 3.9 to keep their scholarship. With this new policy the requirement will be lowered to a 3.8. Second, it will allow SUU to not only find out who might best excel at our University, but it will also show that we care about the student as a whole person."

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