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SUU In View - Fall 2003 - Come to SUU | Alumni | SUU
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SUU In View (Alumni Magazine - Fall 2003)


Photo: President BennionIn May we experienced an uplifting graduation of nearly 1200 wonderful students. Many guests, public leaders, parents, family members and honorary doctorate recipients joined us for this special celebration. I was reminded again of the remarkable learning and growth experiences available to students at SUU. We have a quality public university with a private, residential campus atmosphere. I draw from three references to depict the unique SUU experience. As you review this summary, I invite you to think of family members, neighbors and friends who will benefit from attending SUU.

1 Abe Harraf joined the administrative team at SUU in July of 2002. With fresh eyes at the University, he suggested one insightful meaning for the initials SUU:

Student focus
Undisputed quality
Unparalleled scenery

2 For those who know Southern Utah University, or who have had some close tie as a student, supporter or participant, the succinct phrases outlined above paint a picture of this special place. Some recent achievements and developments illustrate SUU's student focus and undisputed quality and underscore why students today have a great experience here:

3 Finally, I conclude with some lines I recently composed entitled: "Come to SUU."

Photo: President BennionWhere you are more than a number.
Where personalized learning is a hallmark.
Where the doors to participation lead to growth,
Both personal and professional.
Where the gates of friendship and learning blend together,
Where the avenues of knowledge and careers integrate
In a path of new opportunity and fulfillment.
Where the doors of graduate and professional study
Open to those who have been taught and mentored
In the cradle between the glowing Leigh and Red Hills.
Yes, on this beautiful campus the light of learning soars
And lifts the learner to new vistas and views.
Here we pursue integrity, the search for truth,
And respect for all people as the foundation of education.
To honor thought in all its finest forms is SUU's quest,
As discovery, reflection and application are savored.
Where friendships forged lead to happy lifetime ties -
Even where romance and marriage are joyful outcomes.
Where confidence grows from knowledge and skills
Gleaned from books, participation, and caring/competent mentors.
Where a future brims with possibilities in many paths and professions.
All this and more, because the doors were opened
To eager students filled with hope and promise.
Who entered the path of learning and opportunity at SUU!

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