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SUU In View (Alumni Magazine)

Fall 2006

Honorary Degree Recipients

Sketch of Dr. Stephen R. CoveyDR. STEPHEN R. COVEY, spoke to more than 1,100 students of the Class of 2006 at the SUU Commencement.  Co-founder and vice-chair of the Franklin Covey Company--a leading global-professional services firm, with offices in 123 countries--Covey is a best-selling author, multiple-times over, and perhaps best known for his #1 bestseller book, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.  Passionate about sharing his perspectives on life, with the hope of helping and inspiring others, Covey met this overall objective in his remarks to the aspiring heroes who sat before him in the Centrum Arena the morning of last May 6.  His speech may be read in its entirety at the graduation website.

Sketch of Dr. Kathryn BergDR. KATHRYN BERG--“Back when women’s athletics at SUSC consisted of a group of girls getting together on occasion and having what was called a ‘play day,’ a new faculty member was hired on.  Along with a full load of classes to teach that year—1969 (sic)—she was assigned the task of developing an intercollegiate athletics program for women—and that she did.”  (The Thunderbird student newspaper, October 6, 1986)  Because of her countless contributions, Dr. Kathryn Berg is “the” pioneer of women’s athletics at SUU.  Berg spent 12 years as a track and field coach at SUU, 11 as a gymnastics coach and 10 as a volleyball coach. She also coached basketball, softball, tennis and swimming teams before moving on to dedicate her time as Associate Director of Athletics. As the associate AD, Berg helped oversee the University's transition to a viable NCAA Division I competitor, and helped develop the infrastructure necessary for that upward movement. She also served on the prestigious NCAA competition committee, where she further helped distinguish the University's name, as well as an appointed member of the NCAA Division I Management Council.  She was regarded by generations of SUU students and student-athletes as a surrogate parent. In her more than 30 years of service to SUU, Dr. Berg was named outstanding educator, female teacher of the year, professor of the year, and outstanding woman of the year. She has also been inducted into the Utah Sports Hall of Fame as well as SUU’s Utah Summer Games Hall of Honor. She is a founding member of the USG, and was a USG trustee for 14 years.  And, in Spring 2005, the softball field on campus was named in her honor.

Sketch of Dr. Val ClarkDR. VAL CLARK--Just a few days after he was born in St. George, Val Clark moved to New Castle with his parents and two older sisters to be raised on the Bar V Ranch.  The family lived in a one-room house with no running water or electricity.  He thought it was fun growing up herding livestock and riding horses, but he was also developing the solid foundation of his work ethic that would help him all through his adult life.  Mrs. Miriam Luke was his favorite teacher of all time.  She gave him a seemingly daunting academic challenge because, Val later realized, she cared about and believed in him.  When he was 14, his family moved to Hollywood, and he’s been back-and-forth ever since.  During high school, Val sold televisions door-to-door, and during the summers of college, he worked as an entertainer and gear jammer (bus driver) for the Utah Parks Company. Clark attended BAC where he studied pre-dental courses.  At BAC, he was the freshman class president and later the student body president. He then went to dental school at the University of Southern California.  There, he was junior class president and student body pres. He also received his master’s degree specializing in orthodontics from USC.  He started his practice in 1962 and continued for 32 years.  He currently sits on the National Alumni Board for SUU.  Clark was named SUU’s Outstanding Alumnus in 1996. He says that although he spends most of his time in southern California, his heart remains in southern Utah.

Sketch of Tom HatchTOM HATCH—Utah State Senator representing the 28th District (which encompasses Iron, Beaver, Kane, Garfield, and Millard counties, and a portion of Washington County), was elected to the legislature in 1994, a point in time from which he has been a particular champion for SUU.  He has played a pivotal role in obtaining funding for new graduate programs at SUU; for the Utah Summer Games; the Cedar Mountain Science Center; the SUU Nursing program; the University’s new teacher education building (for which ground was broken the day before Commencement); and the recent initiative to complete payment of the Iron County bond obligation on the Sharwan Smith Student Center.  Prior to his service as a state legislator, Hatch served 10 years on the Garfield County Commission, eight of those years as chairman, where his formidable career in public service first flourished.  He has also served on the State Soil Conservation Commission, the Central Utah Water Conservation District Board, the Community Impact Board, and many other boards and committees representing the people of rural Utah, including president of the Utah Association of County Officials from 1991-1992. Frequently sought to be a leader or broker on tough issues like public education, public lands and tax proposals, Hatch is deeply respected by his fellow legislators and those adjacent to the legislative arena.  Hatch’s savvy knowledge of the legislative process coupled with his sincere concern about the welfare of his constituents and district has enabled him to achieve many positive results for the region.  His current legislative assignments include co-chair of the Natural Resource Appropriations Committee, the Business and Labor Committee, co-chair of the Water Development Task Force, and the Governor's Task Force on Water Funding.

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