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SUU In View - Spring 2002 - Honor Roll of Giving | Alumni | SUU
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SUU In View (Alumni Magazine - Spring 2002)

The Honor Roll of Giving

As with many colleges and universities around the world, Southern Utah University depends on the goodwill and support of alumni and friends for its continued success in serving its constituents and educating those who will lead our world in the future. The names which follow have donated to the university during the 2001 calendar year. Southern Utah University, its trustees, administration, faculty, staff and students deeply appreciate the loyalty and special interest of these friends and alumni.

The President's Club recognizes those whose level of financial support is central to the development of the University. Gifts of this nature have been made to the Institution by individuals, businesses, corporations, foundations and other organizations which support the University at this significant level. Several current and deferred gift options qualify a donor for membership in the President's Club, including an outright gift of $1,000 or more.
For further information on membership in the President's Club, please contact the Southern Utah University Advancement Office.

Mrs. Mary Louise E. Anker
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry C. Atkin
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey N. Barnes
President & Mrs. Steven D. Bennion
Dr. Kathryn Berg
Mr. & Mrs. Kent A. Bishop
Mr. & Mrs. Merlin Bishop
David & Lori Ann Blackner
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Blackner
Mr. & Mrs. Gail B. Bradshaw
Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Bradshaw
Dr. & Mrs. Michael V. Broadbent
Alice A. Broderson
Mr. & Mrs. Joe Burgess
Mr. Jeff Calegory
Mrs. Ada Carpenter
Dr. and Mrs. Steve Carpenter
Dr. and Mrs. Boyd A. Carter
Mr. & Mrs. Jack H. Carter
Prof. & Mrs. E. Leon Chidester
Jacob C. Clifford
Michelle Clifford
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Dahle
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Douple
Mr. Perry Driggs
Mr. Jack D. Eardley
Mr. Duane B. Ford
Mr. Robert P. Foster
Mrs. Genevieve I. Gardner
Mrs. Nadia G. Gardner
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Gibson
Mr. Fred D. Gibson Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Richard W. Grimshaw
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Guyette
Mr. & Mrs. Bryan Hafen
Lori A. Hanna
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald W. Heaton
Mr. & Mrs. Wayne K. Heppler
Mr. & Mrs. David M. Higbee
Mr. & Mrs. Lehi F. Hintze
Mr. & Mrs. John Horlacher
Dr. Bob Hortin
Mr. Randall K. Hoyt
Mr. & Mrs. Charles B. Jackson
Clarence L. Jensen
Mr. & Mrs. David H. Jeppson
Mr. & Mrs. Dee F. Johnson
Laurine Jones
Mr. & Mrs. Austin Jones
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth G. Jones
Mr. & Mrs. Kerry Jones
Mr. & Mrs. Reuben G. Jones
Mr. & Mrs. Stuart C. Jones
Mr. & Mrs. Wendell Jones
Mr. & Mrs. Lynn M. Leany
Mr. & Mrs. Barry B. Line
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Littmann
Mr. & Mrs. Craig A. Loe
Dr. C. Frederick Lohrengel II
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph J. Lopour
Mr. & Mrs. D. Eldon Lunt
Mr. & Mrs. Larry V. Lunt
Mrs. Georgia F. Lunt
Mr. & Mrs. Daril D. Magleby
Mr. & Mrs. Darrell H. Matthews
Mr. & Mrs. Vaughn McDonald
Dean & Mrs. Charles L. Metten
Mr. Elmo Morgan
Dr. & Mrs. Clair Morris
Mr. & Mrs. Miles Morris
Dr. & Mrs. Floyd J. Munson
Dr. & Mrs. Kent E. Myers
Mr. & Mrs. David Nakken
Mr. & Mrs. Herb Nakken
Keith & VaLynne Nicholes
Mr. Sid Perkes
Mr. & Mrs. David R. Pingree Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur L. Porter
Ms. Beth S. Porter
Mr. & Mrs. Eldrow Reeve
Ms. Elva J. Reeve
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Reinhold
Mr. & Mrs. Don C. Ritchie
Mr. Phillip Rizzio
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Rondthaler Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Vincent M. Rosdahl
Mr. & Mrs. D. N. "Nick" Rose
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Sewing
Mayor Gerald R. Sherratt
Dr. & Mrs. John L. Siddoway
Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Paul R. Southwick
Mr. & Mrs. David R. Spafford
Mr. & Mrs. Donald L. Staheli
Mrs. Marci Staudte
Mr. Michael D. Symond
Mr. & Mrs. Keith S. Tattersall
Georgia Beth S. Thompson
Mr. & Mrs. Stayner Thompson
Mrs. June D. Thorley
Mr. & Mrs. Jim C. Turner
Scott M. & Ruth C. Urie Trust
Mr. & Mrs. Dean P. Vernon
Mr. & Mrs. Gale W. Waite
Mr. & Mrs. Lew W. Wallace
Mr. & Mrs. Jack L. Walters
Dr. & Mrs. Lance L. Whetten
Mrs. Beverly H. Whiting
Ms. Doris Williamson
Rich & Linda Wilson
Mr. Charles E. Woodbury
Dr. & Mrs. Eugene T. Woolf
Dr. Warren M. Woolsey
Renn & Ree Zaphiropoulos

America First Credit Union
American Express Travel
Anderson Larson Brothers
Andrus Transportation Services
Arthur Andersen LLP Foundation
Best Western Town & Country
Bettridge Distributing
Blackburn & Associates
Blackner Card & Souvenir Company
Bradshaw Chevrolet
Brown Dental Office
Bulloch Drug
Cardon Insurance Agency Inc
Carter Management Inc
Cedar Ridge Golf Course
Cellular One
Century 21
Circle 4 Farms
Coca Cola Bottling & Bald Eagle Beverage
Delta Air Lines
Dixie & Anne Leavitt Foundation
El Rey Inn
Eli Lilly & Company Foundation
ERA Realty Center Inc
Evans Hairstyling College
Faculty Senate
First Security Foundation
Gem Jewelers
George S. & Dolores Dore Eccles Foundation
Gold's Gym
Guardian Life Insurance Co
Holiday Inn
Hurst Color Country
IHC Health Services
Iron County Home Builders Assoc
Iron County Tourism
Iron Rangers Riding Club
Jensen, Graff & Barnes
JM & RJ Horrigan Foundation
Jon & Karen Huntsman Foundation
Jones Paint & Glass Inc
Kolob Regional Care
Legacy Construction & Development
LHM Charities
Longview Fibre Company
Lynn M. Leany Family Trust
Marketing Management Services
Marriner S Eccles Foundation
Mary Mel Construction
MB Media Group
Melling Masonry
Mitchell & June Morris Foundation
Mountain America Credit Union
Mountain Eye Clinic
Mountain West Office Supply
PacifiCorp Foundation
Mr. Kurt Palmer
The Peery Foundation
Pendleton Building Inc
Premier Pediatrics
Providence Quantum Partners
Questar Corporation
Questar Corporation Educational Foundation
Questar Gas Company
Qwest Dex
Regence BlueCross BlueShield of Utah
Rolling Rubber Corporation
Screenplay Systems
Security Title Co of Garfield County
Seymour Library Trust
Smead Manufacturing
South Central Communications
Southern Utah Foundation
State Arts Council
State Bank of Southern Utah
State Farm Companies Foundation
State Farm Insurance
SUU Faculty Staff Assn of Women
Tanner Utah Universities Trust
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
The Williams Companies
TrendWest Resorts
Tri State Motors
Tri-State Landscape of Nevada
Utah Power
Verizon Wireless
Wal-Mart Foundation
Wells Fargo Bank N A
Wendy's of Southern Utah
Western Electrochemical Company
Wilson & Company, CPA's
Workman Chiropractic Clinic
Zaphiropoulos Foundation
Zion Natural History Ass'n
Zions Bank
Zions First National Bank

The oldest and hardiest tree known to man, the bristlecone pine must defeat some of the most demanding terrain on earth in order to add its austere beauty to the landscape. In the same way, the Bristlecone Club members recognized here have done much to assist Southern Utah University in surmounting the challenges of the past to maintain its stellar reputation as a source for quality education. The Bristlecone Club recognizes annual gifts totaling $500 to $999.

Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Acerson
Mrs. Ida T. Adams
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Barkume
Keith C. Barnes
Mr. & Mrs. D. Mark Barton
Mr. & Mrs. Mitch Bealer
Mr. & Mrs. Claron D. Bjork
Mrs. Hirschi Blaine
Alice Braithwaite
Dr. & Mrs. Scott L. Brown
Cpt. & Mrs. Lorin W. Brown
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin S. Carter
Mr. & Mrs. Neal Carter
Mr. Don Cash
Mr. & Mrs. Hans Q. Chamberlain
Mr. James Charnholm
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce H. Christensen
Dr. & Mrs. Sterling R. Church
Mr. C. Dolph Church
Kathie D. Coon
Mr. Mark D. Cranney
Mr. & Mrs. Ben Davidson
Dr. & Mrs. Rodney D. Decker
Mr. Fred Dungan
Mr. Terry Elliott
Bill Evans
Mr. & Mrs. Bud Garfield
Venia T. Gee
Mr. & Mrs. Walter M. Gibson
Mr. & Mrs. Steven A. Gilbert
Matthew T. Graff
Mr. & Mrs. David S. Hale
M. Blake Hillstead
Mrs. Blaine Hirschi
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas B. Horne
Mr. & Mrs. Joe D. Houston
Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Houston
Mr. Jerry S. Howells Sr.
Mr. & Mrs. Craig Huff
Mr. & Mrs. David J. Huff
Mr. & Mrs. Clarence L. Jensen
James W. Jensen
Constance C. Jones
Dr. Spencer B. Jones
Mr. Donald E. Jones
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Kitt
Kwang Ching Yen Peng
Dr. Blair I. Losee
Dr. & Mrs. Steve Lunt
Mr. & Mrs. Rick Melton
Connie Nyman
Kwang Ching Yen Peng
Mr. & Mrs. Jan O. Peterson
Mr. & Mrs. James J. Peveler
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Plotts
Mrs. Joyce T. Porter
David A. Rees
Mr. Richard Rein
Gregory L. Stauffer
Mr. & Mrs. Gerald W. Stoker
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur D. Stowell
Mr. & Mrs. B. Al Tait
Mr. & Mrs. Carl R. Templin
Mr. & Mrs. Evan Vickers
Mr. & Mrs. Kimball Weaver
Dr. & Mrs. Mark J. Webster
Mr. & Mrs. Don M. Wheeler

Bulloch Brothers Engineering
Cedar Builders Supply
Century Steel Inc
Cranney Brothers
Diamond Lil's Restaurant
Droubay Automotive Group
French Riviera Health Spa New Orleans
Genpak Corporation Utah Plant
Grand Canyon Trail Rides
Herman T. Pearson Memorial Foundation
IBM International Foundation
Intel Foundation
KempBurdick CPA's & Advisors
KGA Architecture
Market Grill
Mel Clark Inc.
Milt's Stage Stop
Needham Apartment Rentals
Ryzan Sun Landscaping Inc.
Sherrie Hansen Insurance Agency
Simmons Enterprises
Southern Utah Office Machines & Supplies
Steel Engineers Inc.
SUU Emeriti
The Screenwriters Group
Tintic School District
Western Wireless
Willey Automotive Group
Williams Northwest Pipeline Corporation

The University's Centennial Celebration commemorated a century of commitment to learning, a commitment driven in large part by the generosity of the University's friends and supporters. Membership in the Centennial Club demonstrates a dedication to Southern Utah University, and to its charge of providing quality educational experiences to the people of the Intermountain West through the new century. The Centennial Club recognizes annual gifts totaling $100 to $499.

James B. Adair
Mr. & Mrs. Eric N. Adams
Dominga Aguilar
Mr. & Mrs. Dean Allred
Mr. & Mrs. Galen J. Allred
Dr. & Mrs. Michael B. Anderson
Michael J. Anderson
Karen J. Atwood
Mark A. Baird
Joe G. Baker
Mr. & Mrs. Joel Bauer
Dr. Dean T. Bawden
Mr. & Mrs. Francis L. Bayles
Mr. & Mrs. Glen L. Beere
Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth W. Bentley
Mr. & Mrs. Don L. Blanchard
Mr. Rhead S. Bowman
Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Bouchard
Mr. & Mrs. DeMar Bowman Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Jay M. Boyer
Mr. & Mrs. David R. Braegger
Honorable & Mrs. Robert T. Braithwaite
Mr. & Mrs. Floyd Braunberger
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Bronsema
Dr. & Mrs. John C. Brown
Mr. & Mrs. Harry L. Brown
Collette D. Brozicevic
Jacqueline A. Bulloch
Scott & Alice Burns
Mr. & Mrs. Bret Butler
Dr. & Mrs. Elliott Cameron
Ellen N. Cannon
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas C. Cannon
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Carson
Kristina S. Child
Christina L. Clark
Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Clark
Mr. & Mrs. Doug Copley
Dr. & Mrs. Keith R. Cooley
Dr. & Mrs. Bob Corry
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Cottrell
Mr. Neal L. Cox
Mr. & Mrs. Bob Crane
Mr. & Mrs. James W. Cuff
Mr. Wesley R. Curtis
Celeste J. Denton
Mr. & Mrs. Jake W. Dieleman
Ilene Dixon
Mr. & Mrs. D. Maloy Dodds
Dr. & Mrs. Jim Ence
Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Enders
Mr. & Mrs. Charles C. Esplin
Mr. & Mrs. John Esplin
Brad M. Farmer
Dr. Kent W. Farnsworth
Mr. & Mrs. Boyd E. Fife
Col. & Mrs. Jay Fisher
Gay F. Fosberg
Dr. & Mrs. Charles E. Foster
Carol Gale
Mr. & Mrs. Chris B. Gale
Mr. & Mrs. K. Eric Gardner
Mr. & Mrs. Larry K. Gardner
Jennifer Gebriele
Alexis Gines
Mr. & Mrs. Connell O. Gower
Lt. Edgar Graves Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. John B. Greene
Mr. Roger A. Greener
Mr. & Mrs. C. Ray Gregory
Jo Lee Griffin
Dr. & Mrs. Paul R. Grimshaw
Mr. & Mrs. Gregory C. Grimshaw
Mr. & Mrs. John D. Groesbeck
Mr. & Mrs. Kendall D. Gubler
Mr. Ward H. Gubler
Mr. & Mrs. Alan R. Hamlin
Mr. & Mrs. Hurley Hansen
Anita K. Hardy
Michiue Hisae
Mr. & Mrs. Jesse Hise
Mr. & Mrs. Chris Hone
Mr. & Mrs. David Huff
Dr. & Mrs. Merrill Hugentobler
Mr. & Mrs. Antone P. Hunter
Judy Hurd
Mr. & Mrs. Joe Jackson
Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Jasperson
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Jensen
Mr. & Mrs. Marlo Jensen
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony R. Jewkes
Mr. & Mrs. Garth Jewkes
Lana T. Johnson
Mr. & Mrs. Brian C. Johnson
Mr. & Mrs. Richard I. Johnson
Dr. Clive Jolley
Mr. & Mrs. Randall L. Jordan
Mr. & Mrs. Don A. Knight
Dr. Darrell W. Krueger
Julie LaBarbera
Dr. Martha A. Larkin
Dr. & Mrs. G.O. Larson
Dr. Scott P. Larson
Dr. Suzanne Larson
Mr. & Mrs. Frank LaRussa
Daren L. Lauritzen
Mr. & Mrs. George LeBaron
Mr. & Mrs. George Lebaron Jr.
Marsha A. Leeder
Mr. & Mrs. Henry H. Leigh
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Liddle
Dr. Larry D. Lofthouse
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce D. Louthan Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. David Love
John B. Lowes
Marsha J. Lundgren
Dr. & Mrs. Paul R. Lunt
Mr. & Mrs. Brent C. Mangus
Jeanette Manley
Dr. & Mrs. Jerry L. Marsden
Ann S. Marshall
Mr. Michael T. McGarvey
Mr. & Mrs. Bob McKnight
Dr. & Mrs. Ross McNaught
Mr. & Mrs. Ricky A. Mendini
Lorraine Miller
Mr. & Mrs. James M. Miller
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Y. Milne
Lucinda B. Mitchell
Mr. & Mrs. Deven Moreno
Mr. & Mrs. E. Lyman Munford
Dr. & Mrs. Robert E. Nakken
Anne M. Nicholsen
Mr. & Mrs. Don Nielson
Mr. & Mrs. C. David Nyman
Mr. & Mrs. David R. Oberhelman
Mr. & Mrs. Dean O'Driscoll
Mr. & Mrs. Dale S. Orton
Mr. & Mrs. Dorian G. Page
Dr. & Mrs. Rod Palmer
Dr. & Mrs. Robert D. Pearson
Dr. & Mrs. Lee M. Peterson
Mr. & Mrs. Dale L. Peterson
Bertha C. Petty
Dr. S. Douglas Phillips
Mr. Robert S. Phillips
Mr. Arthur L. Porter
Mr. & Mrs. James E. Profancik
Emily M. Rasely
Dr. & Mrs. Paul R. Rasmussen
Mary Redmayne
Dr. Douglas Ray Reutzel
David M. Rogers
Mr. & Mrs. Boyd C. Rollins
Mr. & Mrs. Humbert R. Rosenberg
Mr. & Mrs. Ivan D. Rowley
Lisa M. Rowley
Beverly H. Scott
Mr. & Mrs. Keith G. Seegmiller
Mr. & Mrs. Danny D. Shakespear
Mr. & Mrs. Harold G. Shirley
Maxine B. Shirts
Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Slack
Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Derek A. Snow
Mr. & Mrs. George L. Sobrero
Mr. & Mrs. Ed Southwick
Mr. & Mrs. Frederick J. Syrett
Mr. & Mrs. Eric B. Tait
Dr. & Mrs. Dennis L. Taylor
Mr. Bruce Taylor
Mr. James S. Taylor
Mr. & Mrs. Gene A. Toolson
Mr. Nolan G. Truman
Mr. & Mrs. Brian Turner
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Turner
Maureen C. Verhaeren
James A. Vlasich
David A. Ward
Mr. & Mrs. James A. Watson
Lakay L. Weber
Maureen C. Werhaeren
Denice Wheeler
Dr. & Mrs. Brian R. Whitney
Marion Whitney
Ardel Wickel
Dee J. Williamson
Karen S. Wilson
Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Wittwer
Lohra D. Wolden
Mike Womack
Cynthia Wright

AA Callister
AAA Furnace & Air Conditioning
Abbey Inn Wittwer Management
Academy Sports
Ace Mechanical Contractors Inc
Allied Fence Company
Ariens Co.
Armet Surgical Inc.
Baker Insurance Agency Inc
Beaver County Treasurer
Benevolent & Protective Order of Elks
Big O Tires
Blake Electric Company
Bryce Valley Lions
Burns Saddlery Inc.
Cache County
Castleview Hospital
Castro & Company
Cedar City Lions Club
Cedar City Parks & Recreation
Cedar City Radiology
Cedar Longhorn Company
Cedar Valley Family Dentistry
Chevron Corp Matching Gift Program
Christensen's Department Store
Clark & Lindford Jewelers
Collegiate Licensing Company
Corporate Fitness
Custom Ornamental Iron
Cutler Management LC
Davis High School
Denton Farms
Direct Draperies
East Carbon City
ECDC Environmental LC
Electro Management Inc
Ephraim Rotary Club
Family Dental Care
Fiddlers Canyon Development
Fleet Street, Inc
Four Corners Financial Services
G M Sevy LTD
Garfield County
Genentech Inc
Geneva Pipe Company
Geneva Rock
Gold Leaf Directories Inc
Hogan & Associates Construction Inc
Howard S. Clark Trust
Huntsman Motors, Inc
Infinium Inc
Interiors By Sharon
Iron County Nursing Home
JB's Restaurant
Jerry Bybee Insurance
John A & Telitha E Lindquist Foundation
Koyo Restaurant
KP Limited Inc.
Kwal-Howells, INC Paint & Wallcovering
La Fiesta Mexican Restaurant
Little Salt Lake Service Club
Miles Insurance & Financial Planning
Moab Rotary Club
Olsons Greenhouse Gardens Inc.
Palisade Handicapped Children Inc.
Parowan High School
Parowan Lions Club
Phelps Wood Designs, Inc.
Piano Music Festival
Pictsweet Mushroom Farms
Pioneer Floor Covering
Provo Golden K. Kiwanis Club
Quality Realty
Quinstar Management Company
Recapture Metals Inc
Redcliff Ascent
Robinson Transport
Rodeway Inn
Rotary Club of Salt Lake
Rotary Club of Sandy
RSM McGladery Inc.
Rusty's Ranch House
San Juan Building Supply
Simmons Mattress Company
Skywest Airlines the Delta Connection
Sullivan's Cafe
Sunnyside Cogeneration Association
Super 8 Motel of Cedar City
Texaco, Inc
The Big Nickel
The Herald Journal
The Local Book
The Local Book
Tom B. Roy Jr. Construction
Town of Sterling
Tropic Town General Revenue Fund
USX Foundation
Wilkinson Electric Inc.
Wood Classics
World Wide River Expeditions

Annual Fund Donors are those who make annual gifts to the University totaling up to $99. Annual gifts of this size represent a significant threshold in giving, as for most donors, such gifts are more than nominal or casual contributions. Joining the gift effort as an annual fund donor demonstrates a genuine commitment to Southern Utah University, a commitment that is valued and appreciated by the Institution.

Mr. & Mrs. Clinton J. Abbott
Mr. Elmer J. Abbott
Mrs. Luann L. Abbott
Jane L. Abe
Mr. JJ Abernathy
Larry Adair
Melville G. Adam
Alycia Adams
Mr. & Mrs. Frank J. Adams
Mr. & Mrs. Fred C. Adams
Mr. & Mrs. Gayle Adams
Mr. Karl W. Adams
Mrs. Louise H. Adams
Mr. Norman M. Adams
Mr. Rod Adams
Jay D. Ager
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas S. Albrecht
Mr. Max L. Albrecht
Mr. & Mrs. Rulon S. Albrechtsen
Dr. & Mrs. Enrique Alfaro
Dr. & Mrs. Terry D. Alger
Mr. & Mrs. Jack W. Allison Jr.
Mr. Jim A. Allmaras
Mrs. Cynthia G. Allred
Mr. & Mrs. Greg Ames
Mr. Tod T. Amon
Paul K. Andersen
Beverly B. Anderson
Brooke M. Anderson
Mr. & Mrs. Glen D. Anderson
Joan M. Anderson
Margie O. Anderson
Mr. & Mrs. Roger M. Anderson
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald B. Anderson
Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Anderson
Dr. Kent K. Arbuckle
Ms. Marian Arns
Ms. Miriam Arthur
Mr. & Mrs. Arnold C. Ashby
Frank Atkin
Lance Atkinson
Dr. James M. Aton
Mr. & Mrs. William W. Bacon
Mrs. Verda L. Baggett
Mr. Marvin D. Bagley
Dr. Grant S. Bailey
Mr. & Mrs. Stuart M. Bailey
Dr. Ralph K. Bair
Janille C. Baker
Mr. Lance R. Baker
Mr. Lynn R. Baker
Nolan Baker
Mrs. Ravenna L. Baker
Mr. & Mrs. Wendell Baker
Mr. & Mrs. Stanley G. Bakes
Melvin D. Baldwin
Mr. & Mrs. Russell Ball
Mrs. Maxine H. Ballard
John T. Banks
Larry R. Barnes
Ms. LaFaun Barnhurst
Robert G. Barnson
Angela Barrett
Kathryn R. Barrick
Mrs. Utah U. Barrick
Matthew H. Barton
Dr. Cal T. Bates
Mr. Tracy A. Bathurst
Mrs. Nellie M. Bauer
Ray N. Baumagartner
Mr. James T. Bayer
Mr. & Mrs. Francis L. Bayles
Randy D. Beardall
Crescent Beck
Mr. Gary E. Beck
Richard T. Beck
Mr. & Mrs. Wendell Beck
Mrs. Donna Jean S. Beckstead
Ms. Pamela Beckstrand
Mr. & Mrs. Glen L. Beere
Mr. Grant Beere
Mr. & Mrs. Walter Bell
Chris Bennion
Patrick S. Benson
Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth W. Bentley
Beth Bergeson
Dr. & Mrs. Lew Bergstrom
Kent Berrett
Mr. & Mrs. Stacey Bettridge
Mr. Joshua B. Bingham
Merril L. Bingham
Mr. Joseph W. Bishop
Ken Bishop
Mr. & Mrs. Velden A. Black
Dr. & Mrs. Gary L. Blackner
Larry Blake
Dr. Jeffery Bleazard
Norman G. Boaz
Mr. Douglas G. Bonzo
Michael A. Boucher
Mr. & Mrs. Kirk N. Bowden
Mr. Bruce W. Bowen
Casey J. Bowns
Mrs. Mae M. Boyter
Mr. & Mrs. Lee Bracken
Jay A. Bradfield
Mr. Mark J. Bradford
Mr. & Mrs. Mark M. Bradshaw
Charles L. Brandt
Mr. & Mrs. William E. Brandt Jr.
Mrs. Maxine L. Breinholt
Jeffery L. Briggs
Mrs. Linda B. Brindley
Kurt L. Brinkerhoff
Mr. & Mrs. Wesley Brinkerhoff
Mr. & Mrs. Todd Bristol
Ms. Lorraine Broadhead
Mr. Craig Brooksby
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas V. Brough
Mr. & Mrs. David W. Brown
Robert F. Brown
Dr. Rodney A. Brown
Dr. & Mrs. Scott H. Brown
Gary T. Brown
Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Browning
Leonard B. Brugess
Larry P. Bruno
Mr. Brent K. Bryson
Julie A. Buckingham
Ms. Lori Bunting
Mr. Mark A. Burgess
Jan M. Burr
Dr. & Mrs. Van L. Bushnell
Jo-Ann Bute
McClain Bybee
Jay D. Cahoon
Mr. & Mrs. Shim Callister
Mr. David Camarillo
Robert H. Cambell
Michael J. Cameli
Ms. Kara L. Campbell
Mr. Quinn E. Campbell
Mr. & Mrs. Scott A. Campbell
Mr. & Mrs. Steven Campbell
Mr. & Mrs. Scott C. Cannon
Mr. Scott C. Carlson
LaMonte R. Carlton
Claudia Carman
Mr. Ned E. Carnahan
Ms. Joan C. Carpenter
Kerry E. Carpenter
Mr. Ty L. Carrillo
Erin Carter
Mark H. Carter
Mike Carter
Mrs. Ward Carter
Mr. Jim Case
John K. Challis
Mrs. Alene G. Chamberlain
Cary L. Chamberlain
Michael Chase
Mrs. Pat Chase
Mr. Haiwei Chen
Ms. Alyse Chidester
Dr. Todd Chikaraishi
Mr. Don B. Christensen
Donna V. Christensen
Joseph R. Christensen
Mr. Lynn A. Christiansen
Mr. Neil Christiansen
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald E. Chytraus
Mr. Albert S. Clark
Matt B. Clark
Paul Clark
Ralph H. Clark
Mr. Cortney S. Clove
Mr. Kent Coates
Mrs. Beth C. Coffman
Dr. Daniel B. Coles
Robert J. Comeford
Dean R. Conant
Dr. Barry Cook
Mr. & Mrs. Wes Cooper
Mr. Scott L. Copeland
Ms. Sara Cordery
Jim E. Corning
Charlotte Corry
Jeffery D. Corry Sr.
Mrs. Beth A. Cottam
Mr. Neil E. Cottam
Mrs. Shirley N. Cowan
Charity A. Cowley
Mr. Rex K. Craft
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Craw
Janet T. Creamer
Mr. Pat R. Creamer
Mr. Alan L. Croshaw
Mr. & Mrs. Max S. Dalley
Mrs. Cuella S. Dalton
Georgiana Dalton
Jim Damschroder
Mr. & Mrs. Randy Daniels
David D. Dauber
Ms. Sheryn L. Daugherty
Richard N, Davis
Ms. Sandra L. Davis
Norman H. Day
Rex C. Day
Cheryl Dearing
Mr. & Mrs. Steven D. Deis
Mr. Donald W. Dennett
Mr. & Mrs. Stewart Dennett
Carolle P. Denton
Kevin E. Dickson
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Dodge
Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Dotson
Nate Duncan
Ms. Barbara Dunn
Martin L. Eliason
Larry A. Ellertson
Mr. Garry B. Ellingford
Mr. Jim Englebright
Helen B. Englehart
Kyle Enslin
Paul Erickson
Michael Ernsten
Corine L. Esmeier
Ken W. Esplin
Lynn J. Esplin
Mrs. Vilda B. Esplin
Dustin Etchel
Beverly C. Evans
Kim Evans
Mr. & Mrs. Shirl Evans
Mr. Stephen T. Evans
Mr. & Mrs. Troy Fails
Corina L. Falcone
Randy Farmer
Mr. David S. Farnsworth
Mr. Rick W. Featherstone
Ms. Rossina Felstead
Marc C. Ferguson
Leland O. Fife
Ms. Shirley Fife
Guy R. Finicum
Merrill W. Fisher
Ms. Lou J. Flint
Ms. Sherrie A. Flowers
Mr. Tony Fockell
Mr. & Mrs. Robert T. Fonger
Mrs. Beverly M. Ford
Mr. Craig L. Forman
Randy J. Forsyth
Mrs. Elizabeth F. Foy
Mr. George T. Frazee
Robert L. Frazier
Marc A. Frazzano
Mr. Richard Freeman
Mr. Bradley J. Frei
Mr. Robert B. Frei
Mark G. Fuellenbach
Mrs. Susan S. Fuller
Brett B. Fullmer
Dr. Mark C. Fullmer
Mr. Christopher A. Gamble
Kevin B. Gardiner
Col. & Mrs. Dayne Gardner
Mrs. Hilda F. Gardner
Michael Gardner
Mrs. Norda F. Gardner
Dr. Patricia Gardner
Richard B. Gardner
Mr. & Mrs. Willard L. Gardner
Mr. & Mrs. Alan N. Garfield
Kyle R. Garrett
Mr. & Mrs. Ted Garrett
Cynthia Gee
Ms. Sarah K. Getker
Kenneth Gilbert
Mr. Aaron B. Glazier
Mr. Gregory M. Glazier
Ms. Jacque Glover
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas H. Golberg
Anne M. Goldberg
Mr. Daniel Gomez
Guy W. Gonder
Elizabeth S. Goodfellow
Kenneth C. Goodfellow
Deon J. Goshorn
Max Goudge
Mr. Gary R. Gowans
Ms. Lewen O. Gower
Dr. Diana T. Graff
John D. Graff
Mr. Lloyd B. Graff
Mr. Douglas E. Grant
Lt. Edgar Graves Jr.
Donna C. Green
Michael D. Green
Mr. & Mrs. Steven T. Greenhalgh
Mr. Boyd W. Griffin
Deborah S. Grimshaw
Jennifer M. Grimshaw
Mr. & Mrs. Norman J. Grimshaw
Mrs. Betsy Grizzle
Lewis C. Grossman
Larry E. Grubb
Mrs. Colleen W. Gubler
Mr. Rhead Gunn
Kendall O. Gurr
Kim M. Hafen
Ed & Denise Hagman
Gayle Hale
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Hales
Mr. Adam T. Hales
Mr. Glen O. Hallows
Mrs. Maude M. Halverson
David P. Hamilton
Mrs. Max Ford Hamilton
Alyson Hammond
Mr. Barry W. Hansen
Michael Hansen
Mr. Rick Hansen
Mrs. Uela M. Hansen
Mr. Kurt Harbin
Mr. & Mrs. Stuart Hardman
Mike Harris
Mr. David L. Harrison
Jodi Harrison
Keenan B. Hart
Jerry Haslam
Dr. & Mrs. Conrad V. Hatch
Mr. Kyle A. Hatch
Mr. & Mrs. Steven G. Hatch
Larry Hatch
Pat Hayden
Ms. Rosemary L. Healey
Mr. & Mrs. Wallace Heap
Mr. Ryan B. Heath
Ms. Caroline Heaton
Jennifer W. Heaton
Jonathan Heaton
Michael L. Heaton
Paul C. Heaton
Mr. & Mrs. Wade R. Heaton
Mr. Jonathan K. Heaton
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Hedges
Mr. & Mrs. William A. Heider
Mr. Peter J. Heilgeist
Dr. & Mrs. Raymond Hendrickson
Ms. Shannon Henrie
Mrs. Irene L. Herbert
Michael Herder
Mr. & Mrs. Wayne R. Herlin
Richard D. Herrick
Mr. & Mrs. Robert N. Herrick
Mr. Philip D. Heywood
Robert G. Heywood
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Hicken
Mr. John Hickman
Brian G. Higbee
Mrs. Lois M. Higbee
Mr. Michael J. Higbee
Mr. Steve Higgins
Mr. Robert W. Hill
Darcy Hillyard
Robert A. Himes
David T. Hinton
Mr. Lloyd L. Hodson
Crystal Holliday
Mr. Dell J. Hollingshead
Kelly V. Holman
Mr. Robert Holt
Mr. & Mrs. William F. Hooper
Mrs. Beverly M. Hortin
Mr. & Mrs. Tyler D. Howell
Mr. & Mrs. Terry W. Howick
Mrs. Evelyn R. Hoyle
Mr. Steven L. Huff
Kent Hugh
David P. Hughes
Mr. Stanley Hughes
Mr. Wallace D. Hughes
Mr. Bruce S. Hughes
Mr. Norman L. Hulet
Ralph F. Hulet
Ms. Rita Hulet
Amanda Hunt
Mr. Chad Hunt
Randy B. Hunt
Mr. & Mrs. Stanley R. Hunt
Mr. & Mrs. Antone P. Hunter
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen J. Hunter
Mr. & Mrs. Stan Huntington
Mr. Richard D. Huntsman
Mr. & Mrs. Stan Hurst
Dr. Paul Husselbee
Mr. Cary L. Hylton
Mr. Allen G. Hymas
Mr. & Mrs. Todd A. Ille
Mr. Karl R. Ingram
Mr. Ray Inkel
Mr. Stanley J. Israel
Mr. & Mrs. John F. Iverson
Newell Jackson
Chester D. Jacobs
Nathan E. Jelte
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Jenkins
Mr. & Mrs. Tyler E. Jenkins
Dirk M. Jensen
Jason Jensen
Jim Jensen
Ms. Judy Jensen
Mr. & Mrs. Ty R. Jensen
Robert Jepson
Robert F. Jex
Mr. Abner B. Johnson
Brandon Johnson
Brenda Johnson
Diane Johnson
Lynn E. Johnson
Lynn T. Johnson
Moyle C. Johnson
Norman L. Johnson
Mr. Russell Johnson
Mr. & Mrs. Ted W. Jolley
Mr. & Mrs. Todd Jolley
Cindy A. Jones
Jason Jones
Mr. Jay M. Jones
Leonard K. Jones
Lorin C. Jones
Mr. Thomas P. Joy
Mr. Robert J. Kemple
Mr. Karl B. Kenney
Mr. Richard N. Kimball
Dr. & Mrs. Wayne E. Kimball
Mr. & Mrs. Wayne T. Kittrell
Mrs. Mary N. Klatt
Donna H. Knight
Mr. Bill Kringlen
Dr. & Mrs. Steven O. Laing
Mrs. Lola P. Lamoreaux
Mr. & Mrs. Terry C. Lamoreaux
Mr. & Mrs. Timothy D. Larkin
Colleen C. Larsen
Ms. Katherine A. Larsen
Dr. Wesley P. Larsen
Dr. & Mrs. G.O. Larson
Mr. & Mrs. Steven C. Lawrence
Mr. & Mrs. Russell H. LeBaron
Mr. Thomas C. Leduc
Dr. & Mrs. Douglas D. Lee
Mrs. Karla Jean H. Lee
Mr. & Mrs. Wallace A. Lee
Dr. & Mrs. Wallace G. Lee
Mr. W. Dean Lefevre
Hether H. Lehnig
Mr. & Mrs. Henry H. Leigh
Ms. Connie J. Lendt
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald L. Linford
Mr. & Mrs. Robert N. Liston
Mr. Neils C. Little
Bonnie L. Lochner
Denice Long
Mr. Gordon Louie
Mrs. Virginia M. Lowe
John B. Lowes
Doris D. Lufkin
Dr. Steve Lunt
Mrs. Mary M. MacDonald
Mr. Jason R. Mackelprang
Dr. Edward K. Madsen
Mr. & Mrs. Wesley Malmgren
Mr. & Mrs. William R. Manning
Christopher H. Maples
Mr. Sharon D. Marsh
Darren A. Marshall
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Marshall
Mr. Tex Marshall
Mrs. Mary S. Martin
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Mason
Mr. & Mrs. George R. Mason
Mr. Blake E. Matthews
Mrs. Leanne M. Maxwell
Mr. & Mrs. Van A. Mays
Mr. & Mrs. Sam McAllister
Mrs. Lois M. McConnell
Mr. & Mrs. Steven McEwen
Mrs. Rene' S. McGrath
Mr. David T. McGuire
Mr. & Mrs. William B. McKean
Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. McLeroy
Andrea McNeil
Mr. Spencer Meier
Mr. & Mrs. Wes Meier
Mr. & Mrs. Royce Memmott
Joyce C. Messer
Mr. Wayne R. Meyers
Mrs. Paula Michie
Gregory A. Miles
Christy A. Miller
Jeraldeen C. Miller
Ms. Tina Miller
Mrs. Lucille C. Mills
Mr. Clinton Milne
Mrs. Donna May W. Milne
Ardis Moranville
Mrs. Barbara P. Morgan
Gayle Morgan
Mr. M. Lee Morrell
Andrew R. Morris
Mr. & Mrs. Paul C. Morris
Mr. Richard A. Morris
Jeanne J. Mortensen
Mr. Lynn Mortensen
Mr. & Mrs. W. F. Mullett
Mr. & Mrs. Steven H. Munson
Mr. & Mrs. Voyle Munson
Mrs. Metta Marie T. Murdock
Mr. & Mrs. John Murray
Mrs. Loie J. Murray
Mr. & Mrs. Roger R. Myers
Diane S. Nay
Jon H. Neilson
Ms. Leanne Y. Neilson
Mr. & Mrs. Vern T. Neilson
Bethany D. Nelson
Bret J. Nelson
Corry T. Nielsen
Mr. Paul Niemeyer
Mr. James G. Oakland
Mr. & Mrs. William M. O'Connell
Helen W. O'Connor
Mr. J. Daniel O'Donnell
Mr & Mrs. Sterling Orton
Mr. Garry K. Ottosen
Delilah S. Outram
Ms. Shannon S. Park
Mr. & Mrs. Robert T. Parry
Berrett R. Peery
Dr. & Mrs. Desmond D. Penny
Carol Perkins
Ms. Denean Petersen
Joy Peterson
Mr. Neil C. Petty
Ms. Wilma Marie S. Petty
Jim Phillips
Mr. Donald J. Pieper
Mr. Michael D. Potter
Mr. & Mrs. Gregory J. Powell
Mr. & Mrs. Wayne S. Powell
Mr. & Mrs. Verl G. Prestwich
Mr. & Mrs. Tim R. Pretzer
Mr. Ronald M. Price
Mrs. Elma Lynne S Prince
Christine R. Proctor
Mr. Mike Ptaschinski
Andrew J. Puempel
Mr. Mark L. Pulley
Emily D. Purcell
Mr. Louis A. Qualls
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen P. Radmall
Mr. & Mrs. Russel M. Rasmussen
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald L. Read
Mr. Ronald Reagan
Mr. Jimmy Reese
Elva J. Reeve
Mr. Michael L. Reid
Mr. Lawrence J. Reineke
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald D. Rencher
Joni D. Reynolds
Joanne P. Rivera
Mr. & Mrs. Jesse R. Robb
Cristal O. Robbins
Mr. Spencer E. Roberts
Mr. & Mrs. William L. Roberts
Mr. Ryan Robertson
Mr. Mont B. Robins
Mr. Jeffrey L. Robinson
Mr. & Mrs. W. Lee Robinson
Mr. & Mrs. Earl Rodriquez
Ms. Melinda Rohan
Cal Rollins
Jesse D. Ronnow
Mrs. Lonna Lou M. Rose
Mr. Richard L. Rounds
Heather A. Roundy
Mr. & Mrs. Vern H. Roundy
Mr. Guy J. Rowley
Lisa M. Rowley
Ms. Marsha R. Rowley
Mr. & Mrs. Reed Rowley
Mr. Dale W. Sampson
Mr. Rex D. Sandberg
Mr. & Mrs. Terrel W. Sandberg
Dr. & Mrs. Greg Sansom
Mr. Matthew Sargeant
Mr. & Mrs. Rod Savage
Mr. & Mrs. Bradford C. Schmutz
Ann R. Schneider
Kathleen J. Schoemig
Mr. & Mrs. Steven D. Scovill
Diane H. Scow
Mrs. Mary A. Seaman
Mr. Charles R. Seegmiller
Mr. & Mrs. Scott J. Seegmiller
Mr. & Mrs. Winston H. Seegmiller
Kent Sevy
Mr. Robert Sevy
Mr. & Mrs. James M. Sevy Jr.
Mr. Carl E. Shakespear
Mr. Val Shakespear
Jan P. Shelton
Mr. & Mrs. Todd Shelton
Cynthia C. Shepherd
Mr. & Mrs. L. Nay Sherman
James R. Sherratt
Lowell Sherratt Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Shipman
Mr. Cordell B. Shumway
Mr. & Mrs. Van L. Shumway
Ms. Nanette Simkins
Ms. Ann E. Simonds
Dr. Randy T. Simonsen
Mr. Kirk Sitterud
Mr. Dennis W. Slack
George H. Slack
Kenneth R. Slack
Dr. Douglas R. Smith
Jared C. Smith
Jay Smith
Keith R. Smith
Leland J. Smith
M. L. Smith
Ms. Maudell Smith
Ricky L. Smith
Robert F. Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Ryan A. Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Wallace K. Smith
Mr. William C. Smith
Randy K. Soderquist
Celeste H. Sorensen
Dr. James W. Sorensen
John Sorensen
Dr. Shannon W. Sorensen
Jerry W. Spackman
Mr. Stephen R. Sparrell
Mrs. Helen Marie M. Speck
Kyle C. Spencer
Ray G. Spencer
Mr. Vernon R. Spencer
Matthew D. Sprunt
Ms. Ashlee Staheli
Janet R. Staheli
Keith R. Stanworth
Elizabeth Starr
Mr. Marlon M. Steele
Mr. & Mrs. Steve M. Steffensen
Clint Stephens
Jodie Stephenson
Karl B. Stevens
Mr. Arlo H. Stewart
Mr. Grant Stewart
Ms. Sandra Stiglinski
Mr. Herb Stinson
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald T. Stock
David G. Stokes
Jeff Stone
Darlene Storie
Jeffrey D. Stork
Joseph P. Stott
Mr. Cloyd Stratton
Mrs. Sue D. Stratton
J. Neil Strong
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Stutz
Murray Suttlemyre
Mark S. Svoboda
Bonnie L. Swenson
Mr. Merrill E. Swenson
Mr. & Mrs. Eric B. Tait
Mr. & Mrs. Sam F. Taylor
Mrs. Afton O. Teague
Mr. Richard R. Tebbs
Mr. & Mrs. Scott W. Terrill
Jason W. Thackeray
Mr. James J. Thatcher
Morris J. Thomas
Mr. & Mrs. Scott A. Thomason
Joan Thompson
Mr. Michael L. Thompson
Mr. & Mrs. Wayne J. Thompson
Mr. & Mrs. Wesley K. Thompson
Mrs. Edna A. Thorley
Mr. James S. Thorley
Kent Thrasher
Mrs. Ilene R. Timpson
John L. Toomer
Dr. Brian Trapnell
Jeff Turek
Mr. & Mrs. Wynn Turek
Mrs. Anna S. Turner
Kendall L. Turner
Jason H. Turpin
Mrs. Margery M. Twitchell
Charles W. Twitchell
Neil C. Twitchell
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Twitchell
Amy J. Tyler
Christopher D. Udy
Joe Ulch
Peter Uluave
Mr. & Mrs. Roy P. Urie
Mr. Mattew R. Valantine
Mr. George Van Komen
Ralph H. Veather
Dr. Douglas M. Vogeler
Julie A. Walker
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas W. Walker
Karen G. Wallace
Mr. Robert Wallace
Kirk Wallis
LaNor Warby
Paul Clint Warby
Michael H. Ward
Mrs. Deon C. Wasden
Amber Watkins
Rob Watson Jr.
Mr. Charles W. Watts
Max D. Weaver
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald H. Webb
Ms. Mary L. Webster
Mr. & Mrs. Sid Webster
Mr. & Mrs. Tim Westwood
Mr. & Mrs. S. Paul Whetman
Charles D. White
David J. Whiting
Richard B. Wilcox
Mr. & Mrs. Steve J. Wilcox
Mr. Van A. Wiley
Jennifer A. Wilkey
Mr. Fred S. Wilkinson
Mr. & Mrs. Travis T. Wilkinson
Mr. & Mrs. Tyler K. Wilkinson
Mr. Gordon Williams
Ms. Julie Williams
Rex Williams
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas L. Williams
Mrs. Ardice W. Williamson
Mr. Kay Mar Willis
Mr. Wayne Willis
Mr. Blain M. Wilson
Ms. Carrie A. Wilson
Mr. Jeffery D. Wilson
Joel J. Wilson
Karen S. Wilson
Ms. Margo H. Wilson
Robert D. Wilson
Richard Winterrose
Dean L. Winward
Mr. Douglas E. Wolter
Mike Womack
Mr. Conn J. Wood
Luwayne Wood
Mrs. Phyllis D. Wood
Robert D. Wood
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald D. Woodland
Paul C. Worthen
Mr. Bryce D. Worthington
Mr. Glen J. Wright
Ms. Trisha Wunderlich
Michael P. Wurster
Ms. Rita Yates
Richard W. Yerbury
Michael J. Young
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas W. Zaleski
Mr. George L. Zeigler
Mr. & Mrs. Roger S. Zingelman
Mr. & Mrs. William E. Zwick

5 Buck Pizza
Agalia Mui Society
Anasazi Reality Inc
Arby's of Beaver
Arctic Circle
Ariens Co.
Armet Surgical Inc.
Robert L. Askerlund
Beaver Automotive
Beaver City Corporation
Beaver Drug & Gifts
Beaver Valley Chevron/Dairy Queen
Beaver Valley Hospital
Bellevue Redmond Physical Therapy Ctr
Best Inn & Suites
Bill's Home Furnishings
Brian Head Resort Inc.
Brianna McKay
Bryce Valley Lions
Burns Saddlery Inc.
Cache Chamber of Commerce
Carbon Emery Service Insurance
Carling & Company
Castle Chiropractic Center
Cedar City Rotary Club
Chappell Family Dental
Citizen's Call
Coal Creek Camp
Coalville Auto & Farm Supply
Cousin Vinnies
D Land Title
Daughters of the Utah Pioneers
Dean's Appliance
Desertview Federal Credit Union
Dixie & Anne Leavitt Foundation
Duanes Food Town
Duncan Electric Supply Company
Dynamic Design
Earl's Furniture & Appliance Store
Electrical Contractors Inc
First American Title Insurance Company
Franklin Covey Co
Frei Dental Group
Garkane Power Association Inc.
General Electric Foundation
Gordon Nursery & Floral
Grakos American Car Care Center
Hi Mountain Drug
High Country Properties
Home Satellite Dish, Inc
Hoyt's Ace Hardware
Hunter Cowan
Industrial Packaging Systems Inc
Iron County Auditor
Iron County School District
J & D Automotive
JA Staker Inc DBA
Jacks Motors
Joe Carrick Design Inc.
Kamcor Inc
Local Book, The
Munson's Music

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