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SUU In View (Alumni Magazine - Spring 2003)

For the Price of a Hamburger and a Coke

New SUU Heritage Scholarship tops $80,000 in a short time

"Photo: Brian Heuett and Dale Orton with Hamburger and Coke"At the Welcome Back faculty and staff meeting held in August, D. Mark Barton, Vice President for Advancement and Regional Services, announced the creation of a new Heritage Scholarship Fund. This fund will accept contributions from faculty and staff members to provide scholarships for students campus wide. Barton challenged the faculty and staff to show their belief in the University by donating to scholarships and other support on campus. He emphasized that if every employee contributed the equivalent of a hamburger and Coke each pay check (approximately $3) nearly 50 students would receive tuition scholarship support.

Apparently Barton's "Call to Arms" has struck home in recent months. Since January 1, 2002, faculty and staff gifts to the Heritage Fund and other employee scholarship funds has topped $80,000. And because an anonymous donor has stepped forward to match the funds raised from faculty and staff, the 80,000 will become $160,000, providing a huge boost to the university's efforts to provide more scholarship funds to our marvelous students.

Congratulations to the Faculty and Staff for such positive action. Barton commented that this shows employees' commitment to SUU students and the university, especially in a year where finances are tight and no raises were given.

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