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SUU In View - Spring 2003 - Honor Roll of Giving | Alumni | SUU
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SUU In View (Alumni Magazine - Spring 2003)


Every attempt has been made to ensure the accuracy of this list.  If an error is noted, please make it known to the Advancement Office, (435) 586-7775.

"Photo: Old Sorrel"Southern Utah University, like most other colleges and universities around the world, depends on the goodwill and generous support of alumni and friends for its continued success in providing excellent educational opportunities for those who will lead our world in the future.  The names which follow have donated to the University during the calendar year beginning January 1, 2002 and ending December 10, 2002.  Southern Utah University, its board of trustees, administration, faculty, staff, and students deeply appreciate the loyalty and special interest of these friends and alumni.

The President's Club recognizes those whose level of financial support is central to the development of the University. Gifts of this nature have been made to the Institution by individuals, businesses, corporations, foundations and other organizations which support the University at this significant level. Several current and deferred gift options qualify a donor for membership in the President's Club, including an outright gift of $1,000 or more. For further information on membership in the President's Club, please contact the Southern Utah University Advancement Office.

1-800 Contacts Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Ron Heaton Quantum Construction &
Abbey Inn - Cedar City Mrs. Jeana Kearns Hirschi Questar Corporation
Advanced Foot and Ankle Hogi Yogi Qwest
America First Credit Union Voneta M. Hopkins ROTC
American Legion Department of Utah Mr. & Mrs. John Horlacher Rainbow Sign & Banner
Ms. Shirley Anderson Mr. Randall K. Hoyt Red Bull North America Inc.
Mrs. Mary Louise E. Anker Mr. & Mrs. J. Ross Hurst Mr. & Mrs. Eldrow Reeve
Antone's Interior Hurst Sports Regence Bluecross Blueshield of
Arthur Andersen LLP Foundation IHC Health Services St. George Richards,Brandt,Miller & Nelson
Charitable Foundation
Ashdown Brothers Construction IHC Health Services - Salt Lake City Rodeway Inn
Avis Car Sales/Rental Infinium Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Edward Rondthaler, Jr
Mrs. Ravenna L. Baker Intel Corporation Mr. & Mrs. D.N. "Nick" Rose
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey N. Barnes Intermountain Health Care Sparkles
Mr. & Mrs. D. Mark Barton Iron County Home Builders Assoc SUNROC Corp
President & Mrs. Steven D. Bennion Iron County Tourism & Convention Bureau SUU Faculty Staff Assn of Women
Best Western Town & Country Iron Rangers Riding Club Mr. & Mrs. Richard Sewing
Mr. & Mrs. Merlin Bishop JDB Seymour Library Trust
Mr. & Mrs. David G. & Lori Blackner JM & RJ Horrigan Foundation Mayor Gerald R. Sherratt
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Blumen Mr. & Mrs. David H. Jeppson Simmons Family Foundation
Boulevard Home Furnishings, St. George Jiffy Lube (The Ostler Group) Sinclair Oil Corporation
Bradshaw Chevrolet Mr. & Mrs. Bruce W. Johnson Skywest Airlines The Delta
Mr. & Mrs. Gail B. Bradshaw Mr. & Mrs. Clarence L. Jolley Smead Manufacturing
Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Bradshaw Mr. & Mrs. Kerry Jones Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Smith
Brian Head Resort Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Reuben G. Jones South Central Communications
Dr. & Mrs. Michael V. Broadbent Ken Bettridge Distributing Inc. Southern Utah Federal Credit Union
Alice A. Brodersen Mr. Edward Kittrell Jr Southern Utah Foundation
Brown Dental Office Kolob Regional Care Southern Utah Home Care
Mr. & Mrs. Don Bulloch Mr. & Mrs. Lynn M. Leany Southern Utah Orthopedics & Sports Medicine
Mr. & Mrs. Kirt Bussio Mr. & Mrs. Andrew M. Leavitt Mr. & Mrs. Paul R. Southwick
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Bybee The Dixie & Anne Leavitt Foundation Spectrum Publications
CTV - 12/Emery Telecom Leavitt Group State Bank of Southern Utah
Canyon Fuel Company Lexaco LC State of Utah Division of Finance
Cardon Insurance Agency Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Mark Littmann Mr. & Mrs. Mark A. Stephensen
Mr. & Mrs. Calvin Carter Longview Fibre Company Dr. Gregory L. Stauffer
Mr. & Mrs. Jack H. Carter Mr. & Mrs. Joseph J. Lopour Stratford Court
Carter Enterprises Mr. & Mrs. D. Eldon Lunt Mr. & Mrs. Rick Stratton
Carter Management Inc. Mrs. Geogia F. Lunt Tanner Utah Universities Trust
Cedar City Corporation Mr. & Mrs. Larry V. Lunt Target Stores
Cedar City Dental, Jim Sorenson MB Media Group Mr. & Mrs. Keith Tattersall
Cedar City Texaco Mr. & Mrs. Daril D. Magleby Tesoro Refining & Marketing Co
Cedar Mountain Publishing Market Reps. Com The UPS Foundation Inc.
Cellular One Marriner S Eccles Foundation Thomas A & Lucille B Horne
Cellular One-Western Wireless Matheson Custom Printing Mrs. Georgia B. Thompson
Central Utah Telephone, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Darrell H. Matthews Tri-State Motors
Cerro Copper Products Co McGladrey and Pullen, LLP Tri-T Landscaping
Mr. & Mrs. E. Leon Chidester Mega Pro Turn-About Ranch, Inc.
Dr. & Mrs. Sterling R. Church Dr. & Mrs. Charles L. Metten United States Department of
Mr. & Mrs. W. Boyd Christensen Mr. Elmo R. Morgan Utah Power
Circle 4 Farms Dr. & Mrs. Clair Morris Utah Rural Electric Association
Cisco Systems, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Haymer D. Morris Utah Rural Telecom Association
Clark & Linford Jewelers Mr. & Mrs. Miles Morris Utah Small Cities, Inc.
Mrs. Ruth Coates Motel 6 Utah Smart Sites
Coca Cola Bottling Company Mountain America Credit Union Verizon Wireless
Community Bank of Nevada Mountain Eye Institute Mr. & Mrs. Dean P. Vernon
Convergys Mr.R's Menswear, Cardon Shoes Veterans of Foreign Wars of
the United States
Mr. Dee G. Cowan Mountain West Office Supply Mr. & Mrs. Gale W. Waite
Crystal Inn Dr. & Mrs. Kent E. Myers Wal-Mart
D. B. Ford Insurance Adjusters Mr. & Mrs. Dave Nakken Wal-Mart Foundation
Delta Air Lines Mr. & Mrs. Herb Nakken Mr. & Mrs. Lew W. Wallace
Deseret News Dr. & Mrs. Robert E. Nakken Mr. & Mrs. Jack L. Walters
Deseret Certified Development Co. Mr. & Mrs. Keith Nicholes Wells Fargo Bank N A
Dixie Escalante Rural Electric Association Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Frank Nichols Wendy's of Southern Utah
Document Solutions Plus Northern Utah Capital Western Electrochemical Company
El Rey Inn The Oregon Community Foundation Western Wireless
Eli Lilly & Company Foundation PacifiCorp Western Wireless
Emery Telecom HC PacifiCorp Foundation Dr. & Mrs. Lance L. Whetten
Faculty Senate PacifiCorp Foundation for Learning Mrs. Beverly H. Whiting
Fannie Mae Parkway Motors Mr. & Mrs. Chris L. Wilcox
Fidelity Investments Peak 2 Willey Automotive Group
Gannett Foundation Peak Cablevision Ms. Doris Williamson
Garkane Energy Inc. Pearl J Halterman Family Partnership Wilson Fencing
George S. & Dolores Doré Eccles Foundation Pendleton Building Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Richard R. Wilson
Mr. Fred D. Gibson Jr Mrs. Wilma Petty Wingers
Gem Jewelers Pioneer Floor Coverings Mrs. Lois U. Woodbury
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Gilbert Pizza Factory Dr. & Mrs. Warren M. Woolsey
Gold's Gym - Providence Fitness Platt & Platt Inc. Workman Chiropractic
Mr. & Mrs. Bryan Hafen Mr. & Mrs. Steve Platt Wright Comfort Inn
Dr. & Mrs. Conrad V. Hatch Premier Pediatrics Zaphiropoulos Foundation
    Zions Bank
    Zions First National Bank
    Zions Management Services
    Zions Natural History Association

The oldest and hardiest tree known to man, the bristlecone pine must defeat some of the most demanding terrain on earth in order to add its austere beauty to the landscape. In the same way, the Bristlecone Club members recognized here have done much to assist Southern Utah University in surmounting the challenges of the past to maintain its stellar reputation as a source for quality education.  The Bristlecone Club recognizes annual gifts totaling $500 to $999.

AAA Disaster & Cleaning Services ERA Realty Center Inc. Roger Murie Trucking
Mrs. Ida T. Adams Mr. Bill Evans Ryzan Sun Landscaping Inc.
Kay L. Andersen Evans Hairstyling College SUU Emeriti
Mell Ree P. Andersen Mrs. Naida G. Gardner Sherrie Hansen Ins Agency
Anderson - Larson Brothers Mr. & Mrs. C. Ray Gregory Society of Professional Journalists
APEX Alarm Kerry Gubler James P. Sollami
Bette Arial Gus Paulos Chevrolet Southern Utah Office Machines
 - Max Torres
Mrs. Ravenna L. Baker Pat Hanley Steel Engineers Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Mitch Bealer Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth R. Hanzon Mr. & Mrs. Gerald W. Stoker
Beehive Telephone Co. Inc. Ionyx International Texaco Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Kent A. Bishop Mr. & Mrs. Jack Jenks The Mane Attraction
Blackburn & Associates Mrs. Carmen C. Jones Mr. & Mrs. William Van Cleve
Blue Star Steel, LC Laurine Jones Lawrence M. Wandel
Alice T. Braithwaite Mr. & Mrs. Stuart C. Jones Mr. & Mrs. Kimball Weaver
Cpt. & Mrs. Lorin W. Brown Mr. Vincent W. Jones WestCor Construction
Dr. & Mrs. Scott L. Brown Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth R. Kitt Mr. P Robert Wilkinson
Bulloch Drug Marchant and Sons Wilson & Company
Sarah Campbell Mr. & Mrs. Winston Matthews Dr. & Mrs. Eugene T. Woolf
Don-Kay-Clay Cash Foundation Mel Clark, Inc.  
Cedar Chest Quilter's Guild Milt's Stage Stop - Rusty Aiken  
Century 21 Mr. & Mrs. Ricky A. Mendini  
Liping Cheng Moon Lake Electric Assoc. Inc.  
Richard Church Mr. & Mrs. Kent Nelson  
Mr. & Mrs. Val D. Church Mr. & Mrs. Dean O'Driscoll  
Mr. & Mrs. Ben Davidson Dr. & Mrs. Bruce H. Osborne  
Dixie Leavitt Agency Mr. & Mrs. Jim Peveler  
Domino's Pizza Piano Music Festival  
Mr. Thomas E. Douple David A. Rees  
Droubay Automotive Group Richter 7  

The University's Centennial Celebration commemorated a century of commitment to learning, a commitment driven in large part by the generosity of the University's friends and supporters. Membership in the Centennial Club demonstrates a dedication to Southern Utah University, and to its charge of providing quality educational experiences to the people of the Intermountain West through the new century. The Centennial Club recognizes annual gifts totaling $100 to $499.

AA Callister Mr. & Mrs. Connel O. Gower Dale & Patricia Perking
AAA Furnace & Air Conditioning Mr. Matthew T. Graff Anthony M. Petersen
Mr. & Mrs. Elmer J. Abbott Mr. Raymond Green Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Petersen
Academy Sports Roger A. Greener Christensen's- Ivan & Jill Peterson
Mr. & Mrs. James B. Adair Jo Lee Griffin Dr. & Mrs. Lee M. Peterson
Mr. & Mrs. Eric N. Adams Mr. & Mrs. John D. Groesbeck Robert S. Phillips
Mr. & Mrs. Fred C. Adams Mr. & Mrs. Kendall D. Gubler Brian J. Pierce Jr
Mrs. Jeanne Ahern Ward H. Gubler Ms. Luree G. Porter
Mr. & Mrs. Galen J. Allred Mr. Ralph M. Halterman Precis Communications
Mr. & Mrs. Denny Allred Mrs. Maude M. Halversen Mr. & Mrs. Tim R. Pretzer
Dr. Chad W. Anderson Mr. & Mrs. Teryl Hammer Mr. & Mrs. Lowell D. Prince
Kelsie V. Anderson Mr. & Mrs. Abe Harraf Michael M. Princip
Mr. & Mrs. Russell Anderson Mr. & Mrs. Richard Harris Ms. Martha F. Proctor
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry C. Atkin Heat Paving Inc. Purple Sage Trading Post
Karen J. Atwood Mr. & Mrs. Jim Heugly Mr. & Mrs. Dustin Randolph
Mr. & Mrs. Verl L. Bagley Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Higbee Dr. & Mrs. Paul R. Rasmussen
Moniece Bagley Ms. Yvonne Hoff Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Ray
Dr. Richard Bagley Hogan & Associates Construction Inc. Mr. Richard Rein
Dr. & Mrs. Joe G. Baker Mr. & Mrs. Rodney F. Holm Ms. Afton A. Richards
Mr. & Mrs. Russell Ball Home Town Buffet Robinson Transport
Mr. & Mrs. James A. Ballard Mr. Ryan D. Hood Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Rockwell
Keith C. Barnes Household International Inc. David M. Rogers
Dan Barton Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Houston Mr. David M. Rogets
DeLynn C. Barton Dr. Bruce Howell Rolling Rubber Corporation
Mr. & Mrs. M. Richard Batt Mr. Ryan R. Hunt Ms. Barbara Ronnow
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Beecroft Mr. & Mrs. Tyler K. Hunt Mr. & Mrs. Humbert R. Rosenberg
Mr. & Mrs. Robert T. Behunin Ms. Judy Hurd Ms. Josephine W. Rowley
Benevolent & Protective Order
of Elks
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Husselbee Mr. & Mrs. Mark Russell
Dr. Kathryn Berg Iron County Board of Realtors San Juan Building Supply
Mr. & Mrs. Rulon D. Bickmore Iron County Historical Society John E. Schmidt
Big O Tires (Cedar City Store) Mr. & Mrs. Martin Jenkins Mr. & Mrs. Eldon W. Schmutz
Mr. Joshua B. Bingham Mr. & Mrs. Frank R. Jensen Mr. & Mrs. Darrell Schramm
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph W. Bishop Mr. James W. Jensen Mr. & Mrs. Keith G. Seegmiller
Mr. & Mrs. Don L. Blanchard Mr. & Mrs. Frank R. Jensen Ms. Laura C. Shafer
Mr. & Mrs. Lonnie Bowler Mr. Jon A. Jensen Mr. & Mrs. Ed Shakespear
Mr. & Mrs. Bud Bowman Jr Mr. & Mrs. Marlo B. Jensen Mr. & Mrs. Danny D. Shakespear
Mr. Rhead S. Bowman Mr. Lamar & Dr. Roma L. Jensen Mr. & Mrs. Harold G. Shirley
Mr. & Mrs. Craig Boyer Jeppesen Insurance Agency, Inc. Jyl L. Shuler
Bradford Tire Mr. Anthony R. Jewkes Mr. & Mrs. Russell R. Sillitoe
Gini Bradley Mr. & Mrs. Richard I. Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Lahn Simmons
Mr. & Mrs. David R. Braegger Constance G. Jones Mr. & Mrs. Quay M. Simons
Dr. & Mrs. Karl R. Braithwaite Jones Paint and Glass Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Slack
Honorable & Mrs. Robert T. Braithwaite Mr. & Mrs. LaMar Jordan Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Harry L. Brown Mr. & Mrs. Harl Judd Mr. Gordon A. Smith
Bryce Zion Trail Rides Inc. Keep Safe Storage Mr. & Mrs. Jay M. Smith Jr
Mr. & Mrs. Wayne B. Burr Mr. & Mrs. Brent Kemp Mr. & Mrs. George L. Sobrero
Dr. & Mrs. Van L. Bushnell Mr. & Mrs. Reid M. Kimoto Erin Sorensen
Dr. & Mrs. Raymond J. Callister Mr. & Mrs. Don A. Knight Dr. Shannon W. Sorensen
Mr. & Mrs. Lance H. Calvert Kwal-Howells, Inc. South Central Communications
Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Cameli L.A. Grain Southern Utah Title Company
Dr. & Mrs. Elliot Cameron Mr. & Mrs. Randall Lamoreaux Mr. & Mrs. Ed Southwick
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas C. Cannon Mr. Edwin O. Larson B. Al Tait
Mr. & Mrs. Brian P. Carron Dr. & Mrs. Olof Larson Mr. & Mrs. Eric B. Tait
Castro & Company Dr. Suzanne Larson Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Tate
Cedar City Rotary Club Mr. & Mrs. George L. LeBaron Dr. & Mrs. Dennis L. Taylor
Cedar Veterinary Clinic Mr. & Mrs. Dane O. Leavitt Mr. & Mrs. Frank W. Taylor
Mr. & Mrs. Art Challis Jr Mr. & Mrs. Dane O. Leavitt Mr. James S. Taylor
Hon. & Mrs. Hans Q. Chamberlain Mr. & Mrs. Dale G. Lee Mr. & Mrs. Carl R. Templin
Mr. Kellie Chavez Dr. & Mrs. Douglas D. Lee Alison Thacker
Christ The King Catholic Church Legacy Financial & Insurance Center Russell Thacker
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce H. Christensen Leland's Chevron The National Football League
The Church of Jesus Christ Lin's Market Place Mr. & Mrs. Larry Thorley
Mr. & Mrs. Conrad Clark Jason M. Linders Thunderbird Soccer Camp
Mr. & Mrs. Fredrick Clark Mr. & Mrs. Gaell Lindstrom Tintic School District
Comanche Canyon Horse Company Mr. & Mrs. Byron R. Linford Mr. & Mrs. Nolan G. Truman
Continental Financial Assoc Dr. & Mrs. Frederick Lohrengel Mr. & Mrs. Bob Tuckett
Mr. & Mrs. Keith R. Cooley Mr. & Mrs. Rhett Long Mr. & Mrs. Scott Turley
Mr. & Mrs. Doug Copley Ms. Marsha J. Lundgren Mr. & Mrs. Brian Turner
Dr. & Mrs. Bob Corry Dr. & Mrs. Paul R. Lunt Mr. & Mrs. James C. Turner
Mrs. Iris P. Corry Dr. & Mrs. Steven C. Lunt Union Pacific Corporation
Covington & Burling Mr. & Mrs. Thomas D. Major Mr. & Mrs. Doug Urie
Mr. & Mrs. Elvin G. Cox Marathon Oil Company Utah Independent Bank
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Cox Mrs. Christine R. Mathews Ms. Ella Van Groningen
Mr. & Mrs. Mark B. Cox Mr. Murray L. Maughan Derick B. Van Ness
Neal L. Cox Mr. Therol L. McArthur James A. Vlasich
Cozzens Cabinets Mr. Michael T. McGarvey Jeremy A. Walker
Suellen Crano K. L. McIff Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Wandel III
Robert Craw Melling Masonry Mr. & Mrs. C. David Ward
Mr. Pat Creamer Mr. & Mrs. Rick Melton David A. Ward
Paul J. Crismon Mr. & Mrs. Robert Menlove Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Warren
Culligan Water Conditioning Metlife Auto & Home/State Farm Insurance LaKay M. Weber
Wesley R. Curtis Milford Area United Way West States Tire & Axle
Mr. & Mrs. Norman Davis Mr. & Mrs. Donald Y. Milne Dr. & Mrs. Brian R. Whitney
Mr. & Mrs. Brian DeHart Lucinda B. Mitchell Mr. & Mrs. Mark D. Whittaker
Desj, PC Morris Murdock Mr. Jesse D. Wickel
Mr. & Mrs. Garry W. Dion Mr. & Mrs. Derek Mulliner Mr. & Mrs. Jay Wilcken
Ms. Ilene Dixon Mr. & Mrs. E. Lyman Munford Mr. William A. Wilcox
Mr. & Mrs. D. Maloy Dodds Ms. Annette A. Murray Mr. & Mrs. Kay Wilkinson
EMI & SWS Mr. & Mrs. Ralph J. Myers Wilkinson Electric Inc.
Edge Products Inc. Myers Froyd Insurance Agency Mr. Christian D. Williams
Dr. & Mrs. Jim Ence Ms. Colleen P. Neeley Mrs. Ardice W. Williamson
Mr. Stephen T. Evans Mr. & Mrs. Garth Nelson Mr. & Mrs. Gayle Winterrose
Mr. & Mrs. William C. Evans Mr. & Mrs. Timothy E. Nesmith Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Wittwer
Mr. & Mrs. Steven T. Farley Mr. & Mrs. Major A. Nilson Ms. Lohra D. Wolden
Mr. David S. Farnsworth Constance W. Nyman Womans Italian American Civic League
Dr. & Mrs. Kent W. Farnsworth Mr. & Mrs. Laval Olson Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Woodbury
Mr. & Mrs. Boyd E. Fife Mr. & Mrs. Dale S. Orton Ms. Cynthia Wright
Ms. Sherrie A. Flowers Mr. & Mrs. Elmo Orton Mr. & Mrs. Rex C. Wright
Mr. Dawn W. Fong Mr. & Mrs. Layton Ott YESCO
Mr. William C. Freudenberg Mr. Stephen Padilla Robert Young
Mr. & Mrs. Boyd B. Fullmer Mr. & Mrs. Dorian G. Page Zion Plumbing
Chris B. Gale Paradigm Developers  
Mrs. Genevieve I. Gardner Parley Redd Mercantile  
Mr. & Mrs. Larry K. Gardner Parowan Lions Club  
Anne Marie Nicholson-Gardner Mr. Forrest C. Parry  
Mr. & Mrs. Richard F. Gillette Mr. & Mrs. Donald Patterson  
Mrs. Bernice C. Gillins Mr. & Mrs. Dwayne Paytas  
Mr. & Mrs. Brian Goethe Janice E. Perkins  

Annual Fund Donors are those who make annual gifts to the University totaling up to $99. Annual gifts of this size represent a significant threshold in giving, as for most donors, such gifts are more than nominal or casual contributions. Joining the gift effort as an annual fund donor demonstrates a genuine commitment to Southern Utah University, a commitment that is valued and appreciated by the Institution.

Mr. & Mrs. David Abecassis Mr. Robert F. Goldhirsch Mr. & Mrs. Phil A. Olsen
Mr. & Mrs. Alan Adams Mr. & Mrs. Guy W. Gonder Mr. & Mrs. Shawn Olsen
Mr. Albert E. Adams Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Goodman Mr. & Mrs. Ken Olson
Mr. & Mrs. Alma L. Adams Mr. & Mrs. Ed Goodwin Olson's Garden Shoppe
Mr. Norman M. Adams Gordon C. Knudsen Insurance Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Alan Ostler
Mr. & Mrs. Nat Adams Mr. & Mrs. Max Goudge Pacific Design
Dr. William F. Adamson Mr. & Mrs. Garry W. Graf Ms. Trina P. Packard
Mr. & Mrs. J Robin Aguirre Mrs. Diana T. Graff Mr. & Mrs. Jason Page
Karla J. Aguirre Grand Staircase Country Store Mr. & Mrs. David J. Palmer
Mr. & Mrs. Brian K. Akins Mr. Ronald A. Granger Mr. & Mrs. Stephan H. Palmer
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas S. Albrecht Mr. & Mrs. Darin Graves Mrs. Lorraine R. Palmer
Alfred Publishing Co., Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Steven T. Greenhalgh Mr. Rick D. Palmer
Mrs. Barbara A. Alger Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. Greenwall Papa Murphy's
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis W. Alldredge Mr. & Mrs. Keith Grimshaw Mr. & Mrs. Steven R. Park
Kate A. Allen Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin Grimstead Vicki M. Parker
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Allinson Ms. Betsy Grizzle Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Parry
Mr. & Mrs. Jack W. Allison Jr Mr. Ward Gubler Mr. & Mrs. Scott A. Parry
Mr. Jim A. Allmaras Mr. & Mrs. Alan G. Gudmundson Mr. & Mrs. Wes Patterson
Mr. & Mrs. Von R. Allred Rhead Gunn Mr. Brett F. Paulson
Mr. & Mrs. Matt S. Allred Stanford P. Gwin Mr. & Mrs. David M. Payne
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond M. Allton Mr. & Mrs. Darren L. Haas Shallon Payne
Alpine RV Rentals INC. Mr. & Mrs. John G. Hacking Mr. & Mrs. Thomas K. Payne
Tod T. Amon Mr. & Mrs. Kim M. Hafen Ms. Allison Pead McCoy
Beverly B. Anderson Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Haggerty Mr. & Mrs. David A. Peck
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Anderson Mr. & Mrs. Brent R. Hall Mr. & Mrs. Barret R. Peery
Joan M. Anderson Mr. & Mrs. Mac J. Hall Mr. & Mrs. Bret Petersen
Mr. & Mrs. Craig Anderson Mr. & Mrs. Duane Hallows Kari A. Peterson
Sandy Gillies & Roger M. Anderson Mr. & Mrs. Ted E. Hallows Mary J. Peterson
Mr. & Mrs. Warren R. Anderson Jennifer M. Halverson Mr. & Mrs. Marvin K. Peterson
Dr. Verlinda Angell Mrs. Vyonne L. Hamilton Dr. & Mrs. Gary S. Pfaffenberger
Mr. & Mrs. John A. Angus Mr. & Mrs. Alan R. Hamlin Mr. & Mrs. Brad E. Phelps
Ms. Marian Arns Mr. & Mrs. Louis Hammer Phil Packard Construction Inc.
Mr. Colin Ash Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Hansen Dr. & Mrs. S. Douglas Phillips
Cory Ashby Hard Hat Furniture & Appliance Mr. & Mrs. James E. Piacitelli
Mr. & Mrs. Gary L. Ashton Barbara J. Hardy Mr. & Mrs. John Pictum
Lance Atkinson Mr. & Mrs. Earl M. Hardy Mr. & Mrs. Jason E. Pierce
Dr. James M. Aton Mr. & Mrs. Jim Hare Mr. & Mrs. Donn M. Pillmore
Bradley Austin Mr. & Mrs. Ben D. Harris Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Platt
Mr. & Mrs. Mark S. Austin Mr. & Mrs. Dale Harris Mr. & Mrs. Gregory J. Powell
Mr. & Mrs. William W. Bacon Mr. & Mrs. Dale B. Harris Mr. & Mrs. Martin G. Prather
Mr. & Mrs. Jon Bagley Mr. & Mrs. Keenan B. Hart Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Prestwich
Mr. & Mrs. Alan S. Bailey Andrea Hartley Mr. & Mrs. Lyn Prestwich
Mr. & Mrs. Stuart M. Bailey Mr. & Mrs. Wayne E. Hartley Mr. & Mrs. Marty J. Prettyman
Mr. & Mrs. Scott Ballard Mr. & Mrs. Oleen N. Hatch Mr. David J. Pretzer
Mr. & Mrs. Craig R. Baird Mr. & Mrs. Larry Hatch Mr. & Mrs. Joe Price III
Mark A. Baird Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Hawkes Ms. Linda Price
Mr. & Mrs. James R. Baker Mr. & Mrs. Val Haws Price Trading Company
(Parts Plus)
Mr. & Mrs. Terry Balch Mr. Thomas H. Haycock Mr. & Mrs. Vernile Prince
Mr. & Mrs. Terry D. Baldwin John L. Hayes Mr. & Mrs. Ken A. Prince
Mr. & Mrs. Scott Ballard Mr. & Mrs. Harold Hayman Mr. & Mrs. Arlyn J. Proctor
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth A. Ballard Mr. & Mrs. James R. Heap Ms. Christine R. Proctor
Mrs. Maxine H. Ballard Mr. & Mrs. Michael W. Heap Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Pugmire
Mr. & Mrs. Paul G. Bambrick Mr. Ryan B. Heath Mr. & Mrs. Cory Pulsipher
Mr. Richard D. Banks Ms. Betty J. Heaton Mr. & Mrs. Jeffery Quarnberg
Mr. & Mrs. Howard Bardwell Mr. & Mrs. Daren N. Heaton Mr. & Mrs. Morris C. Quarnberg
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony C. Barlow Peter J. Heilgeist RV Centers Management
Barnes Banking Co. Mr. & Mrs. Jay Henderson Mr. & Mrs. Stephen P. Radmall
Kathryn R. Barrick Dr. & Mrs. Raymond Hendrickson Mr. & Mrs. John R. Redd
Dr. Michael S. Barrick Dr. & Mrs. David P. Henrie Kristina Rees
Dr. Kendall J. Barrowes Ms. Shannon Henrie Mr. & Mrs. Steven B. Reiber
Mr. & Mrs. Brant B. Barton Mr. & Mrs. Richard D. Herrick Mr. & Mrs. David H. Reid
Mr. & Mrs. Matthew H. Barton Hess Consumers Mrs. Betty Ann B. Rember
Michelle Barton Mr. & Mrs. Philip D. Heywood Mr. Ronald D. Rencher
Basin Perlite Company Kammon S. Hiatt Mr. & Mrs. Bart A. Reynolds
Mr. & Mrs. Lance L. Bassett Mr. Vernon G. Hiatt Mr. & Mrs. Mike Rice
Ms. Megan Bates Mr. & Mrs. Gary L. Hickman Richard & Helen Reeder Trust
Mr. & Mrs. Eric L. Batson Mr. & Mrs. Ed Higbee Amanda Richardson
Mr. & Mrs. Ben Batty Mr. & Mrs. Edward M. Higbee Mr. & Mrs. James E. Richardson
Molly P. Bauer Mrs. Lois M. Higbee Mr. & Mrs. Byron J. Riches
Mrs. Nellie M. Bauer Mr. Michael J. Higbee Mr. & Mrs. Larry Rider
Mr. & Mrs. James J. Bayer Mrs. & Mrs. Carmen L. Hiner Mr. & Mrs. Walter R. Riding
Bayleses Bridi Hinkins Kelly G. Rigby
Janae Beck Mr. & Mrs. Harvard R. Hinton Mr. John Ripley
Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Behunin Mr. & Mrs. Jesse B. Hirschi Joanne K. Rivera
Mr. & Mrs. Danny H. Behymer Mr. Leland P. Hofeling Deborah A. Robb
Mr. & Mrs. Hal Belnap Mr. & Mrs. W. Bret Holbrook Mr. & Mrs. Jesse R. Robb
Bencorp Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Kelly V. Holman Keith H. Roberts
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony M. Benell Mr. & Mrs. Robert Holt Mr. & Mrs. L. K. Roberts
Mr. & Mrs. Michael T. Bennett Mr. Tink Holyoak Mrs. Laverl P. Roberts
Mindy Benson Mr. & Mrs. Don A. Homer Mr. & Mrs. Paul E. Roberts
Hettie A. Bentley Hometown Realty Mr. & Mrs. Steven L. Roberts
Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth W. Bentley Mr. Henry Hornberger Mr. & Mrs. Spencer E. Roberts
Dr. & Mrs. Lew Bergstrom Ralph H. Horne Mr. & Mrs. Wade Roberts
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas C. Berry Mr. & Mrs. Eric K. Houle Mr. & Mrs. A. Dale Robinson
Mr. & Mrs. Dale W. Bezanson Mr. & Mrs. John W. Houskeeper Mrs. Barbara L. Robinson
Big O Tires (Payson Store) Mr. & Mrs. Philip J. Howa Mr. & Mrs. John G. Robinson
Mr. & Mrs. Leo Biggs Bruce R. Howard Mr. & Mrs. L Dean Robinson
Bill's Home Furnishings A. Lisa Howell Mr. & Mrs. Colby Robinson
Nicole Bingham Merilyn B. Hugentobler Barbara L. Rodriguez
MAJ & Mrs. Jackie E. Bippes Amber L. Hughes Mr. & Mrs. Bret C. Rollins
Mrs. Brooke A. Bischoff Mr. Bruce S. Hughes Mr. & Mrs. Matt G. Roper
Mr. & Mrs. Bryce H. Bishop Mr. David P. Hughes Mr. & Mrs. Duane A. Rothstein
Mr. & Mrs. Alvin I. Black Sarah L. Hughes Mr. & Mrs. Michael Roundy
Lisa M. Black Mr. & Mrs. Norman L. Hulet Mr. & Mrs. Norman C. Roundy
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Black Ms. Susan E. Hulet Mr. & Mrs. Reed Rowley
Mr. & Mrs. Eric Blackner Mr. & Mrs. Donald M. Hulet Marsha R. Rowley
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth D. Blackwell Mr. & Mrs. Kimball R. Humphrey Mr. & Mrs. Michael R. Rowley
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth L. Blair Mr. & Mrs. Adam R. Hunt Ruby's Inn, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Jay R. Blake Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Hunt Kelly R. Russell
Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Blauer Mr. & Mrs. R. Haze Hunter Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Rust
Mr. Jeffery Bleazard Mr. & Mrs. Ryan L. Huntington Clinton J. Rydalch
Mr. Thomas Bloodgood Ms. Heidi Huntsman Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Sakashita
Mrs. & Mrs. E. Nanette Boaz Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Huntsman Mr. & Mrs. Dale W. Sampson
Mr. Douglas G. Bonzo Mr. & Mrs. Richard D. Huntsman Mr. Stephen P. Sanders
Mr. & Mrs. Rick Bonzo Mr. & Mrs. Todd M. Hutcheson Mr. & Mrs. William J. Sandstrom
Mr. & Mrs. Roger L. Bott Mr. & Mrs. Shayne Hutchings Mrs. Mary M. Sargent
Mr. & Mrs. Stuart J. Bowler Mr. & Mrs. Keith E. Hutchinson Mr. & Mrs. Ross W. Sargent
Bowman's Super Store Mr. & Mrs. Todd A. Ille Mr. & Mrs. David E. Savage
Carol Bowns Mr. & Mrs. Mark Imlay Mr. & Mrs. J. Keith Savage
Casey J. Bowns Mr. & Mrs. Dellas Imlay Mr. & Mrs. Kerry W. Savage
Mr. & Mrs. Lee Bracken Ingram Construction Pat Schena
Mr. & Mrs. Dwayne Bradshaw Mr. & Mrs. Daniel L. Ipson Robert D. Schexnayder
Mr. & Mrs. Lynn R. Bradshaw Gayle Ipson Mr. & Mrs. John Schijf
David M. Branham Mr. & Mrs. D. Christopher Isom Mr. & Mrs. Brad Schmutz
Mr. & Mrs. James M. Brey Ms. Janet H. Jackson Mr. & Mrs. Eric J. Schmutz
Mr. A. W. Bill Brian Mr. & Mrs. Erik Jacobsen Mr. & Mrs. Roger F. Schneider
Sandra M. Briggs Mr. & Mrs. Allen R. Jacobson Norma J. Schroeder
Mr. & Mrs. Rex Brimhall Mr. Rustin D. Jacobson Scorers Table Food Service
Mr. & Mrs. Kurt L. Brinkerhoff James Banasky Insurance LC Mr. & Mrs. Christopher R. Scott
Mr. & Mrs. Wesley K. Brinkerhoff Mr. & Mrs. Donald J. Jefferies Jenifer J. Scott
Dr. & Mrs. David W. Brown Mr. & Mrs. Jim Jensen Mr. & Mrs. John W. Seaman
Mr. Gary T. Brown Mr. & Mrs. Dale E. Jensen Mrs. Mary Jane M. Seaman
Dr. & Mrs. Gaylen L. Brown Kelly Jensen Mr. & Mrs. Leslie Seckletstewa
Dr. Gregory H. Brown Mrs. & Mrs. Sally H. Jensen Mr. & Mrs. Roger K. Seegmiller
Mr. & Mrs. Bradley T. Brown Mr. & Mrs. Ty R. Jensen Mr. & Mrs. Winston H. Seegmiller
Megan Brown Jensen, Graff & Barnes Mr. & Mrs. James M. Sevy Jr
Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Brown Mr. & Mrs. Douglas G. Jenson Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Shakespeare
Dr. & Mrs. Rodney A. Brown Carolyn J. Jerauld Mr. & Mrs. Ronald W. Shamo
Mr. & Mrs. Larry P. Bruno Mr. & Mrs. Micah L. Jessup Mr. & Mrs. Brett Shaw
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Bryant Mr. & Mrs. Garth Jewkes Mr. & Mrs. Scott L. Sheriff
John C. Bryner Jr Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Jex Mr. Christopher M. Shipman
Julie A. Buckingham Mr. & Mrs. Rick S. Johnson Shirley Fry Insurance Agency, Inc.
Ida J. Buie Mr. & Mrs. Curtis G. Johnson Mrs. Maxine B. Shirts
Mr. & Mrs. Cody C. Bulloch Mr. & Mrs. Floyd A. Johnson Dorothy L. Shurtz
Jacqueline L. Bulloch Mr. & Mrs. Brigham J. Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Richard D. Sillitoe
Lillian H. Bulloch Mr. & Mrs. Troy W. Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Richard S. Simkins
Ms. Lois L. Bulloch Lu Wena Johnson Ms. Nanette Simkins
Ms. Rexine Bullock Mr. & Mrs. Eric Johnson Laurel Simmons
Mr. & Mrs. James Bundrick Mr. & Mrs. Lynn E. Johnson Julie C. Simon
Mr. & Mrs. Wendel Bundy Mr. & Mrs. Norman L. Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Tom R. Simper
Lola Bunker Sabrina B. Johnson Mr. & Mrs. William A. Sizemore
Mr. & Mrs. Ryan J. Bunker Mr. & Mrs. Ryan Johnson Suzanne J. Skrocke
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Bunker Sheila K. Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Brent A. Slack
Jace P. Bunting Mr. & Mrs. Evan W. Jolley Mr. & Mrs. Morgan Slack
Lisa Bunting Mr. & Mrs. George M. Jolley Mr. & Mrs. Nathan Slaughter
Mr. & Mrs. D. Gordon Burns Mr. & Mrs. Milt Jolley Mr. & Mrs. Gage Slusser
Mr. & Mrs. Scott M. Burns Mr. & Mrs. Alan A. Jones Mr. & Mrs. Sid Small
Burns Saddlery Inc. Cindy A. Jones Alexis Marie Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Craig Burr Mr. & Mrs. Heber Jones Jon M. Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Kerry L. Burr Kevin R. Jones Mr. & Mrs. Leland J. Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Bret Burrows Mr. & Mrs. Lorin C. Jones Ms. Maudell Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Clarence D. Burton Mr. & Mrs. O'Leary Jones Mr. & Mrs. Neal Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Donald E. Burton Mr. & Mrs. Stephen E. Jones Mr. & Mrs. M.L. Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Butler Mr. & Mrs. Steven M. Jones Mr. & Mrs. Randall C. Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Lamont Butterfield Mr. & Mrs. Albin Judd Mr. & Mrs. Ricky L. Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Shawn C. Bybee Mr. & Mrs. Ray Juvelin Eric Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Jay D. Cahoon Mr. & Mrs. James F. Karpowitz Mr. & Mrs. Steven A. Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Reynolds B. Cahoon Kathleen's Inc. Ms. Susan L. Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Shim Callister Mr. & Mrs. Kreig B. Kelley Mr. & Mrs. Virgil K. Smith
Calvin Fadel Insurance Agency Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Kemple Mr. & Mrs. Val Smith
Mr. Derek Campbell Mr. & Mrs. Mark G. Kenney Mr. & Mrs. Wallace K. Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Campbell Kameron Kershaw Mr. & Mrs. Wayne A. Smith
Ms. Kara L. Campbell Naved N. Khan Smith Drug Company
Mr. & Mrs. Ted Campbell Mary Ruth King Lyndsey A. Sobrero
Mr. & Mrs. Jay S. Cannon Mr. & Mrs. Dean Kirkham Mr. & Mrs. Randy K. Soderquist
Mr. & Mrs. Matthew M. Cannon Mrs. Mary N. Klatt Alicia Sorensen
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Carlile Donna H. Knight Mr. & Mrs. Dent G. Sorensen
Mr. & Mrs. Raymon W. Carling Mr. & Mrs. Gary Knight Mr. & Mrs. Cory Sorensen
Mr. & Mrs. Ned E. Carnahan Mr. & Mrs. Reid Knudsen Mr. & Mrs. Lynn E. Sorensen
Mr. & Mrs. Kerry E. Carpenter Mr. & Mrs. James R. Kotter Mr. & Mrs. Steven L. Sorenson
Mr. & Mrs. Clayton M. Carter Mr. & Mrs. Matthew E. Kreitzer Southam & Associates, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Mike Carter Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin J. Kroff Southwest PA Service
Mr. & Mrs. Neal Carter La Fiesta Mexican Restaurant Mr. & Mrs. Jerry W. Spackman
Mr. & Mrs. Nephi P. Carter Mr. & Mrs. Edward A. Labrie Megan L. Spaulding
Mr. Jim Case Mr. & Mrs. Matt D. Labrum Mr. & Mrs. Earl P. Spencer
Julianne S. Castle Ms. Tiffany M. Lajoice Mr. & Mrs. Elvon H. Spencer
Mr. & Mrs. John K. Challis Mr. & Mrs. Bret D. Lamb Mr. Vernon R. Spencer
Mrs. Ruth M. Challis Mr. & Mrs. Bradley R. Lamb Mr. & Mrs. Daniel B. Spendlove
Mr. & Mrs. Arlon C. Chamberlain COL & Mrs. Joseph R. Lambert Spring Creek Candy Co.
Mr. & Mrs. Eric Chamberlain Mr. Ralph W. Lamoreaux Ms. Kathryn A. Stake
Mr. & Mrs. Monte K. Chamberlain Mr. & Mrs. Michael L. Landon Mr. & Mrs. Keith R. Stanworth
Vyonne D. Chamberlain A. D. Langston Stapley Insurance Agency, Inc.
Joyce Chambers Dr. Martha A. Larkin Mr. & Mrs. Delmar Stauffer
Mr. & Mrs. Monty Charlton Mr. & Mrs. Garth Larsen Mr. Marlon M. Steele
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Chase Jennifer E. Larsen Mr. & Mrs. Steve M. Steffensen
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen J. Chesnut Myndee K. Larsen Mr. & Mrs. Mark W. Stephenson
Ms. Alyse Chidester Mr. & Mrs. Eric D. Larsen Mr. & Mrs. Karl B. Stevens
Jill Chidester Mr. & Mrs. Blaine Larson Ms. Patricia J. Stevens
Kristal Childs Paul R. Larson Mr. Arlo H. Stewart
Mr. & Mrs. Bryce J. Christensen Mr. Bill V. Lathim Mr. & Mrs. Grant Stewart
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald D. Christensen Mr. & Mrs. G. Ladel Laub Mr. & Mrs. Fred R. Stewart
Mrs. Kathryn S. Christensen Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Laub Mr. Herb Stinson
Mr. & Mrs. Mohr Christensen Mr. & Mrs. Varlin M. Law Mr. & Mrs. Reginald K. Stirk
Mr. & Mrs. Randall Christensen Kyle Laws Mr. & Mrs. David B. Stirland
Rebecca J. Christensen Mindy Layne Ms. David G. Stokes
Mr. & Mrs. Mark L. Christensen Rebecca L. Layne Ms. Darlene Storie
Helen Chuang Mr. & Mrs. Russell H. LeBaron Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Storie
Mr. & Mrs. Matt B. Clark Mr. & Mrs. Keith A. Leavitt Mr. & Mrs. Joseph P. Stott
Mr. & Mrs. Albert S. Clark Mr. & Mrs. Rodney B. Leavitt Family Trust Mr. & Mrs. Brent W. Stratton
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph H. Clark Mr. & Mrs. Lester Lee Judith B. Stratton
Mr. & Mrs. Randy Clark Mr. & Mrs. Wallace A. Lee Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Stratton
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas H. Clark Marsha H. Leeder Ms. Sue D. Stratton
Mr. & Mrs. David M. Clarke Mr. & Mrs. Dale Lefevre Mr. & Mrs. Willard O. Stratton
Steven R. Clay Ms. Tamsen L. Lefevre Bruce E. Stuart
Mr. Russell R. Cloward Mr. W. Dean Lefevre Scott C. Stucki
Mr. & Mrs. Kent Coates Legal Process Service Subway of Blanding
Mrs. Beth C. Coffman Mr. & Mrs. James L. Leigh Ms. Judith K. Swenson
Shannon E. Collette Howard Mr. & Mrs. Edwin E. Leigh Swire Coca Cola, USA
Dr. & Mrs. Joseph L. Comp Ms. Connie J. Lendt Taco Time
Mr. Mark Comstock Ryan L. Letzerich Mr. & Mrs. Karl Taylor
Comstock Financial, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Tim Lewis Homer A. Taylor
Mr. & Mrs. Dean R. Conant Ernie C. Lindley Mr. & Mrs. Sam F. Taylor
Lorraine Condie Mr. & Mrs. John Linton Richard R. Tebbs
Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Conlin Mr. & Mrs. Ralph A. Lister Mr. & Mrs. Carlos Terry
Mr. & Mrs. Curtis R. Cook Mr. & Mrs. Robert N. Liston Mr. & Mrs. Ed Thacker
Mr. & Mrs. Ted Cooke Mr. & Mrs. Denis B. Longhurst Mr. & Mrs. F.J. Thomas
Natalie Coombs Mr. & Mrs. Dean L. Losee Mr. & Mrs. Gordon L. Thomas
Mr. & Mrs. L. Harold Cooper Mr. & Mrs. Bruce D. Louthan Jr Mr. & Mrs. James Thomas
Mr. & Mrs. Wes Cooper Mr. & Mrs. Kraig C. Loveland Mr. & Mrs. F.J. Thomas
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Cornell Amy Loveless Mr. & Mrs. Stayner L. Thompson
Mr. & Mrs. Tanner J. Cornell Mr. Zack Ludlow Ms. Joan Thompson
Mr. & Mrs. Jim E. Corning Mr. & Mrs. Reid D. Ludwig Mary Ann Thomson
Charlotte Corry Ms. Doris D. Lufkin Tischner Ford Sales, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey D. Corry Sr Regan Lundell Julie H. Tisdale
Mr. & Mrs. Kim Corry Mr. & Mrs. Marty D. Lunt Mr. & Mrs. Bryce V. Tolbert
Mrs. Beth A. Cottam Mr. & Mrs. Kregg T. Lunt Mr. & Mrs. Tony D. Tolbert
Laura A. Cotts Mr. & Mrs. Nick Lunt Celeste Tolman
Mr. & Mrs. Danny N. Cowan Jolynn Luthi Nancy K. Tolman
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Cox Mr. & Mrs. Murrell W. Lyman Mr. & Mrs. Doyle Topham
Jeff Crabtree Mr. & Mrs. Larry K. Lytle Mr. & Mrs. Bill Topham
Rex K. Craft Mrs. Mary M. MacDonald Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Topham
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce M. Crankshaw Britton L. Mace Bryan W. Torgerson
Lorna Craw Mr. & Mrs. Kirtley Madsen Mr. & Mrs. Gregory S. Townsend
Janet T. Creamer Mr. & Mrs. Wesley R. Malmgren Trails End Realty
Mr. & Mrs. Neil D. Creer Mr. & Mrs. Brent C. Mangus Mr. & Mrs. W. K. Traveller
Mr. & Mrs. W. V. Crockett Meesha Mangus Mr. & Mrs. Tracy Tregeagle
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas C. Croft Mr. Nathan Marchant Truepointe Mortage
Mr. & Mrs. Carl R. Croft Mark Nelson Insurance Agency Inc. Mr. & Mrs. David Tufte
Mr. & Mrs. William M. Crookshank Mr. Sharon D. Marsh Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Turek
Linda R. Culliver Mr. & Mrs. Hayward Marshall Mr. & Mrs. David E. Turk
DCI Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Steve Marshall Mrs. Anna S. Turner
Mr. & Mrs. Grant Dahl Mr. & Mrs. Kent Marshall Mr. & Mrs. Clyde E. Turner
Darren D. Dahlin Mr. & Mrs. Michael R. Martin Mr. Jason H. Turpin
Mr. & Mrs. Max S. Dalley Mr. & Mrs. Anthony V. Masella Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Twitchell
Mr. & Mrs. Gary J. Dallman Mr. & Mrs. George R. Mason Mr. & Mrs. Jimmy Twitchell
Mr. & Mrs. Keith Dalton Mr. & Mrs. James C. Mason Mr. & Mrs. Lamonte Twitchell
Ms. Sheryn L. Daugherty Mr. & Mrs. Don Matheson Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Urie
Mr. & Mrs. Greg Davis Mr. & Mrs. Dwayne Matheson Shellie A. VanOrman
Mr. & Mrs. Bradley K. Davis Mr. & Mrs. Lamar W. Matheson Mr. & Mrs. Matt Vandenberghe
Mr. & Mrs. K Rene Davis Mr. & Mrs. Dasil G. Mathews Mr. & Mrs. Ralph H. Veater
Mr. & Mrs. Kyle A. Davis Theresa Matuska Mr. & Mrs. Antonio Vescio
Mr. Mazel K. Davis Mr. & Mrs. Kevin D. Maxwell Mrs. Margaret M. Vowles
Ms. Sandra L. Davis Mrs. Leanne M. Maxwell Bree S. Wadsworth
Davis Real Estate PC Mr. & Mrs. Gary W. Mayer Ms. Julie A. Walker
Mr. & Mrs. Darren Peterson Mr. & Mrs. Sam McAllister Mr. & Mrs. Thomas W. Walker
Mr. & Mrs. Lowell Day Mr. & Mrs. Lynn McArthur Mr. Robert Wallace
Mr. & Mrs. Jack Day Sharri K. McArthur Mr. & Mrs. Kirk Wallis
Mr. & Mrs. Rex C. Day Mr. & Mrs. Kirk McDaniel Jessica Walton
Mr. & Mrs. Tobyn DeGraw Mr. & Mrs. John McDonald Mr. & Mrs. LaNor Warby
Cheryl Dearing Mrs. Louise H. McDonald Mr. & Mrs. Michael H. Ward
Ms. Ann L. Decker Mr. & Mrs. Roger O. McDonald Mr. & Mrs. Eric G. Warren
Dr. & Mrs. Rodney D. Decker Ms. Kathleen McDowell Mrs. Deon C. Wasden
Mr. & Mrs. Stewart Dennett Mr. & Mrs. Richard McGrath Mr. & Mrs. Thad Wasden
Desert Rose Concession Mr. David T. McGuire Mr. & Mrs. Jack Waters
Mr. & Mrs. M. Dean Dilworth Mr. Donald J. McGurk Jr Ms. Amber Watkins
Dinosaur Tire Insurance, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Michael K. McKell Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Webb
Dixon Meat Mr. & Mrs. Sean W. McKevitt Mr. & Mrs. James D. Webster
Mr. & Mrs. Evan Dobson Mr. & Mrs. John McKnight Mr. & Mrs. Willes L. Werner
Ms. Rea W. Dodds Mr. & Mrs. Michael McLean Mr. & Mrs. Paul L. West
Brian Dolan Mr. & Mrs. Marc McLemore Western Pride Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Blake Donaldson Ms. Mitzi J. McLeroy Mr. & Mrs. Kimbal Wheatley
Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Dotson Keri A. McPartland Mr. & Mrs. James L. Wheeler
Mr. & Mrs. Kent B. Dover Mr. & Mrs. Douglas G. McShane Mr. & Mrs. S. Paul Whetman
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Downward Mr. & Mrs. Bill B. Meador Mr. & Mrs. Barry Whitaker
David T. Draper Mr. & Mrs. Harvey D. Mecham Mr. & Mrs. Charles D. White
Mr. & Mrs. Brent E. Drew Mr. & Mrs. Heber J. Meeks Jill White
Idonna P. Dugmore Mr. & Mrs. Joe Melling Kristen White
Mr. & Mrs. Gail N. Duncan Mr. & Mrs. Bryce Memmott Norma White
Mr. & Mrs. Michael S. Durfey Carolyn A. Mensel Mr. & Mrs. Tony L. White
Jedd J. Eastman Susan K. Merrell Mr. & Mrs. Chandler P. Whitelaw
Bonnie A. Edwards Joyce C. Messer Mark Whitney
Mr. & Mrs. Dale Edwards Dr. Cynthia M. Metz Mr. Ardel Wickel
Mr. & Mrs. Jaden D. Edwards Mr. Wayne R. Meyers Jared S. Wilcken
Mr. & Mrs. Danny Edwards Mrs. Paula Michie Mr. & Mrs. Steve J. Wilcox
Jerrie S. Eggett Joan M. Michler Mr. & Mrs. Travis T. Wilkinson
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas J. Ekins Microtouch Mr. & Mrs. Tyler K. Wilkinson
Mr. & Mrs. Don Q. Elmer Marva C. Middleton Ms. Jill A. Wilks
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Englehart Mr. Richard K. Middleton Cassie Willden
Ms. Linda Louise Erickson Major & Mrs. Richard G. Miller Ms. Amy M. Williams
Mr. & Mrs. Brent R. Esplin Ms. Elaine H. Milner Mr. Bruce R. Williams
Mr. & Mrs. Charles C. Esplin David B. Mineer Jr Mr. & Mrs. Clifford Williams
Mr. & Mrs. Lynn J. Esplin Mr. & Mrs. Alvin J. Mitchell Mr. & Mrs. Rex Williams
Mr. & Mrs. Mark J. Esplin Bonnie L. Mitchell F Hilda Williams
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Essman Mr. & Mrs. R. Gene Moffitt Mr. & Mrs. J. Roden Williams
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce M. Evans Mr. & Mrs. Victor Monroe Mrs. Lillie P. Williams
Mr. & Mrs. Kim Evans Mr. & Mrs. Rowen Monsen Mr. & Mrs. Thomas L. Williams
Mr. & Mrs. Deloy V. Evans Mr. William C. Moody Dr. Tracey L. Williams
Mr. & Mrs. Shirl Evans Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Moore Mr. & Mrs. Wayne D. Williams
Mr. & Mrs. William R. Evans Mrs. Edith R. Moores Emily A. Williamson
Mr. & Mrs. Chris C. Eyre Mr. & Mrs. Anthony W. Morgan Mr. & Mrs. Michael Willoughby
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Eysser Mrs. Barbara P. Morgan Cole A. Wilson
Rainer Eysser Gary A. Morgan Sheree D. Wilson
Mr. & Mrs. Roger Fanetti Mr. Gayle Morgan Mr. & Mrs. Albert Winkler
Ashley K. Farnsworth Morganson Framers Mr. & Mrs. Bryan L. Wood
Mr. & Mrs. Franklin J. Faux Mr. & Mrs. Bruce G. Morrell Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Wood
Shauna J. Fay Mr. & Mrs. Paul C. Morris Mr. & Mrs. Elmer H. Wood
Mr. & Mrs. Philip J. Fear Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Morris Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Wood
Ms. Rossina Felstead Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth M. Mortensen Jennifer M. Wood
Mr. & Mrs. Gale Fife Mr. & Mrs. J.R. Moss Wood Farms
Ms. Shirley Fife Ms. Susan S. Mounts Mr. & Mrs. Gene S. Woodward
Wilma M. Fife Treion J. Muller Mr. & Mrs. Darren L. Woolsey
Mr. Guy R. Finicum Mr. & Mrs. W. F. Mullett Mona Woolsey
Mr. & Mrs. Jon A. Finlinson Lindsay A. Mulliner Mr. & Mrs. Dale H. Woolsey
Dr. & Mrs. A. Garth Fisher Mr. & Mrs. Kim Mullins Mr. & Mrs. Spencer Woolston
Lori Fisher Gary W. Munn Mr. & Mrs. Stephen G. Workman
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Flaherty Dr. & Mrs. Floyd J. Munson Mr. Bryce D. Worthington
Mr. & Mrs. Craig L. Forman Mr. & Mrs. Voyle Munson Mr. & Mrs. Glen J. Wright
David G. Forsberg Mr. & Mrs. Reed Murdoch Grace E. Wright
Mr. & Mrs. Neil J. Forsyth Dr. & Mrs. Hal Murdock Mr. & Mrs. Ryan Wunderlich
Dr. & Mrs. Charles E. Foster Mr. & Mrs. John Murphy Mrs. Boyd Yardley
Dr. & Mrs. Howard K. Foster Sunny Myers Mr. & Mrs. Stan E. Young
Mrs. Elizabeth F. Foy Mr. & Mrs. Conrad Naegle Dr. & Mrs. W Sidney Young
Mr. & Mrs. Harold Foy Ms. Diane S. Nay Young Motors
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Frame Mr. & Mrs. Sherman L. Nay Mr. & Mrs. Roger S. Zingelman
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas O. Francis Mr. Thomas E. Nedreberg Mr. & Mrs. Tony Zockoll
Lesha L. Frandsen Myrna Neeley Zundel Grain
Jeff K. Frei Mr. & Mrs. Colby M. Neilson  
Mr. Robert B. Frei Mr. & Mrs. David A. Nelson  
Ms. Susan S. Fuller Mr. & Mrs. H. Mark Nelson  
Mr. & Mrs. Boyde B. Fullmer Janice Nelson  
Mr. & Mrs. Hugh R. Gailey Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Nelson  
Mr. & Mrs. Verlin D. Gardiner Mr. & Mrs. McKay H. Nelson  
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin B. Gardiner Mr. Robert G. Nelson  
Mr. & Mrs. Chad Gardner Ms. Nikki D. Nicholas  
Mrs. Hilda F. Gardner Ms. Jill Nickell  
Mr. & Mrs. Nathen Gardner Mr. Clinton D. Nielsen  
Lindsey M. Gardner Mr. & Mrs. Keith W. Nielsen  
Mr. & Mrs. Neil H. Gardner Mr. & Mrs. Lindy Nielsen  
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond S. Gardner Mr. & Mrs. Alden J. Nielson  
MAJ & Mrs. Willard L. Gardner Mr. & Mrs. Calvin Nielson  
Mr. & Mrs. Bud Garfield Mr. & Mrs. Alden J. Nielson  
Gary's Meat Mr. & Mrs. Bud Nielson  
Mr. & Mrs. Deven O. Gass Judith J. Noorda  
Tiffany Gibbs Valerie North  
Ms. Beverly Gibson Mr. & Mrs. Harold Norton  
Kelly E. Gibson Mr. & Mrs. Philip F. Notarianni  
Mr. & Mrs. Lance Gifford Mr. & Mrs. Kevin J. Nowers  
Mr. & Mrs. William Gillespie Nuskin International  
Mr. Von Gillies Gary R. Nye  
Michelle Gilvear Mr. & Mrs. Robert O'Connor  
Scott Gilvear Ms. Kathi Ohlson  
William A. Gilvear Mr. & Mrs. Dennis R. Ohms  
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Givens Sarah Ohms  
Mr. & Mrs. John Givens Mr. & Mrs. Andrew R. Olds  
Mr. & Mrs. Klint K. Glover Mr. & Mrs. Michael Olenslager  
Mr. & Mrs. David L. Gneiting Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Olsen  

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