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SUU In View - Spring 2003 - Alumni Outreach | Alumni | SUU
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SUU In View (Alumni Magazine - Spring 2003)

Outreach Finds Alumni Willing To Give

Finding funds for scholarships is a top priority at Southern Utah University, permeating practically every initiative on campus. One initiative this fall is having a renewed, yet profound effect on raising scholarships for the coming years.

"Photo: Valynne Nicholes"Under the outstanding leadership of Valynne Nicholes, Director of Annual Giving, a unique approach to annual giving is tapping resources and producing results that that are unprecedented. Nicholes, through her research, discovered that approximately 11,000 of our wonderful Alumni had not yet participated in the Annual Giving program. Nicholes sent a letter to those 11,000 individuals and issued the invitation to consider a donation of just $5.00 (the cost of a hamburger, fries and a coke), to the scholarship fund.

"If each of these 11,000 individuals gave just five dollars, or roughly the cost of a hamburger, fries and a coke, that would provide major financial support to 55 students," said Mark Barton, Vice President for Advancement and Regional Services.

As of this date, 2000 of our Alums have chosen to participate. Many of those who have participated have given more than $5.00 and in some cases much more. Others who have given in the past are also increasing their personal contributions as well. Some who typically gave $10.00 are giving $20.00 and those who have given $20.00 are giving $50.00 and even some who have given $100.00 have given as much a $1,000.00 and $2,000.00.

"This generosity is especially gratifying during the current financial situation with the downturn of the economy. The gift of an education is one of the most amazing things one can give and receive. It can plant the seed of desire for lifelong learning that can affect generations," said Nicholes."

Barton adds, "As our Alumni reflect on their experiences here, they remember what it was like to have the doors of opportunity opened through the benefit of and education. They remember the growth they experienced through shared, meaningful activities in the encouraging environment of SUU."

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