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SUU In View - Spring 2004 - Mentoring Network | Alumni | SUU
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SUU In View (Alumni Magazine - Spring 2004)

Take a T-Bird under your wingTake a T-Bird under your wing

Mentoring network good for students, alumni

The Alumni Office in collaboration with Career Services and SUUSA has been developing a network that will connect students with SUU Alums across the country. The Alumni Mentoring Network provides students the opportunity to connect with professionals willing to mentor and help in career exploration.

We are inviting Alums of SUU to “Take a T-Bird under Your Wing” by offering your services as mentors to students seeking input regarding career choices and decisions relevant their chosen majors.

Carl Templin, dean of the college of business expressed his enthusiastic support of the program saying, “This Mentoring Network will provide a better link between students and alumni in a variety of ways because students can establish contact with professionals in their area of study. A dialogue will be created that will provide students information in areas like specialization; where to look for housing in a particular area; job markets in a specified location, and other economic and social factors that will assist students in making decisions regarding their careers.”

SUUSA President Katie Weaver stated that the mentoring network idea has been a focal point of her administration. “The reason I am so passionate about the program is because it is a great way for students to connect with alumni and for alumni to connect with them…and other alumni as well. Through the use of the network students can use the knowledge of those who are already in their chosen careers, and they become a great source of information for our graduates and students.”

Additionally, this group of Alumni volunteers would be willing to answer other pertinent questions for students such as: if you had it to do over again would you do things differently or the same, and what are the pitfalls to avoid if I remain in a particular major? Other mentoring discussions may include advice on where your chosen career path will take you in terms of where you may be living and so forth.

Pennie Copley, assistant Director of Alumni Relations at SUU stated, “In order for the Mentoring Network to begin, our goal is to have 500 volunteer mentors in place within the next two or three months.” Its easy to register— just go to the University website, click on the “Alumni & Friends” and follow the prompts.

This collaborative effort between the Students, Alumni, and Career Services is delivered through MonsterTRAK.Com, a system that SUU Career Services has been using to assist student placement in job markets. The Alumni Mentoring Network software was a free upgrade for the student job search and registration program already used by SUU Career Services.

Once the alum enters his or her information, that information is protected. Only the alum, University staff, and students or recent alumni registered with SUU Career Services can access the information. Even then, Alumni can choose the method of contact, personal or work number or address, personal or work e-mail or a combination of methods.

Alumni mentors can even limit the number of times their information is allowed to be viewed by students each month. “If you have less time, you can further limit the number of monthly contacts or temporarily suspend your account until you have more time,” said Marlo Jensen, director of Alumni Relations.

If you wish to become an Alumni Mentor, visit the SUU Alumni web pages to register. Registration will take just a few minutes. Once you register with your unique user name and password, you can always return to this same page to update your information or add a paragraph or two about your own unique job search or graduation advice for students to read.

Should you experience difficulties with registration or with your user account, please contact Alumni Relations at 435-586-7777 or Career Services at 435-865-8035.

“The database has so many possibilities,” said Susan Linder, director of Career Services. “In addition to becoming a mentoring tool to students, it may even become a method for alumni to reconnect with the University and other alumni.”

Charlie Jackson, a member of the National Alumni Board of Directors, and a participant in a similar program within his profession, stated, “An Alumni Mentoring network will be a very positive experience for both the students and the alums. And the really great thing is that the mentors can determine just how much time they can spend. In my personal experience it has been very enjoyable and quite fun.”

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