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Alumni Days at Shakespeare, June 2014.

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Mark Morman

Mark Morman (’86, Communication) credits the mentoring he received in the Southern Utah University Communication Department as the difference that allowed him to become the director of graduate studies and full-professor in the department of communication studies at Baylor University.

A great deal of his SUU mentoring came by way of the forensics team, of which he was a member from 1984-1986. His two years of training and experience in one of the top programs in the nation built a strong communication foundation he still stands on today. He still appreciates the coaching, knowledge and skills he learned through debate at SUU.

Mark has received numerous awards for his teaching and scholarly research and is proud to have been promoted to full professor. “Earning my Ph.D. in communication studies was a huge accomplishment and being promoted to full professor is truly fulfilling,” says Mark.

SUU professor Sage Platt had a huge impact on his success by being a coach, mentor, big sister, and most importantly a friend. He explains that, “Sage was tireless in providing me with love, support, encouragement, strength, wisdom and confirmation. I owe her more than I ever can repay.”

He enjoyed serving as a student government officer during the Stuart Jones administration (1985-1986) and loved the unique opportunity of traveling the nation with the forensics team representing SUU. One favorite memory occurred each time he won a contest at a forensics tournament. “The tradition at the awards assembly was always to call out the first and second and third place winners by the school they represented and then the person’s last name. So every time I placed at a tournament, I got to hear, ‘From Southern Utah—Morman.’ The audience would break into spontaneous laughter.” Making it even more interesting was that he is not LDS.

Mark is married to Donna, is wife of 23 years. Trent, their 22 year-old son, just graduated from Baylor University with a BA in Communication Studies.

The Morman family resides in Waco, Texas.

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