Korean Scholarship Application

Applicants for this scholarship opportunity should be open to new ideas and passionate about learning a new culture. A tolerance for other religions, races and beliefs is vital in order to fully benefit from and enjoy this experience. An outgoing and active personality is appreciated.

Applicant Information

Emergency Contact

Additional Questions

People chosen for the scholarship opportunity will have room and board (including food) provided by families in Korea. They will work with elementary school-aged children. As a result, certain personal conditions apply.


Along with this application, please attach:

A writing sample of 750 to 1000 words covering these topics

  • What excites you about this opportunity?
  • What are your expectations for this experience?
  • What qualifies you for this opportunity?
A résumé highlighting your leadership, communication, volunteer, work and people skills.

2 letters of recommendation from professors, supervisors, colleagues or others you have worked with.

The max file size is 4 meg per attachment.

If you are qualified...

Qualified applicants will need to attend an interview and will have a background check.

This opportunity is presented as an internship under Johnny Oh, the Director of Asian Integration. If you are selected, you must sign up for 2 credit hours through the 4890 Communication department. This will include orientation and cultural training. You can review the SUU Communication Department Internship Guidelines at http://www.suu.edu/hss/comm/pdf/internship.pdf As part of this internship, you will be required to document your trip in the form of photos, video, blog, etc . . . and share your experience in a presentation when you return.