School of Business


Welcome recruiters! Graduates of SUU School of Business have been prepared academically and through experiential learning to immediately add value to the companies in which they are hired. Recruiters from the western United States and beyond find our students to possess a strong work ethic, professional demeanor, and a solid educational foundation upon which to build and succeed.

The best way to recruit School of Business students and graduates is to work with our Employment Development Coordinator, Brandon Armstrong: (435) 586-5456,

Jayme Hyatt"It has been a great pleasure interacting with both the students and faculty at Southern Utah University. We have been recruiting top talent from SUU's accounting program for several years now. Deloitte has found that their students demonstrate a strong record of academic achievement, interpersonal skills, leadership, and maturity. The quality of the students from SUU is outstanding and the ones that we have hired have proven to be true assets to our organization. The faculty has built a program that has enabled their students to hit the ground running in our profession. Deloitte looks forward to continuing our recruiting efforts in the future!"
- Jayme Hyatt, Campus Recruiter, Deloitte Services LP