Engineering and Technology

The Discipline

Engineers work to meet the varied and intertwined needs of society. They design and build systems that provide everything from basic necessities such as power, fuel, and water to the highly advanced and sophisticated systems associated with modern wonders such as satellite communications, space travel, high rise office buildings, and supersonic aircraft. The technologies and materials available to use in providing modern engineering solutions are rapidly increasing and also highly varied. Successful engineers today are well versed and practiced in a wide range of engineering fundamentals. They communicate with the public, other engineers, and with scientists in many different disciplines all over the world to better understand society’s needs and what is available to meet a specific need. They are proficient problem solvers and well trained in the latest, as well as traditional, methods of analysis, design, and construction.

The Bachelor of Science degree in Integrated Engineering combines and emphasizes study in fundamental and advanced areas of science and engineering that are traditionally taught in a wide variety of engineering disciplines. This integrated course of study prepares Southern Utah University graduates to provide cross-discipline design solutions for the wide range of social demands encountered by today’s practicing engineers in consulting offices, manufacturing businesses, industrial companies, and government agencies utilizing smaller, highly versatile engineering staffs. Cross-discipline engineering solutions encompass traditional as well as emerging methodology, technology, and materials in order to optimize economical solutions for the complex problems encountered in a constantly changing world. Integrated Engineering graduates are equipped with the knowledge and broad background necessary to effectively function in a multidisciplinary problem-solving environment. They achieve a level of mastery in engineering science and design that enables them to pursue successful careers in industry, consulting, or public service, or to continue their education in graduate studies.