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Mission Statement: The mission of the integrated engineering program is to support and realize with excellence the overall mission and vision of the University and to provide a broadly based, cross disciplinary engineering education founded upon a design-oriented curriculum that integrates several disciplines into a whole, enabling graduates to undertake the wide variety of design and manufacturing challenges that modern industry faces.

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The Associate of Pre-Engineering (APE) program is designed for students who plan to complete the first two years of their engineering education at Southern Utah University and then join the workforce or transfer to another institution to complete the requirements of the curriculum in the specialized discipline of their choice. Students in the APE program may also transfer to the Integrated Engineering program, with the approval of the engineering faculty.

Students must complete a total of at least 64 credit hours in specific subject areas, many of which may be of the student's choice. The Quantitative Literacy and Science requirements of General Education are automatically satisfied by courses required for the APE. If going on for further education, the student should be aware that different disciplines may require different numbers of credit hours in specific subjects, and it is highly recommended that the students carefully study the course requirements of the institution and program where the degree will be completed.