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High School Interactive Experience

This event is geared towards high school students residing in the states of Utah and Nevada. It is a hands-on, interactive event that provides high school students with information and insight into the computer, engineering, electronics & technology disciplines. It also provides an opportunity for high school students to interact with SUU faculty, staff and students, ask questions they have about a specific discipline and experience college level courses and labs.

While the students are on campus they have the opportunity to speak to admissions, registrar, housing and financial aid personnel.

Note: The priority deadline for scholarships is Dec 1.  Deadline for admission is May 1.

The day begins with registration, followed by a Welcome and Kickoff Ceremony. There are three rotations, with each rotation representing one of the following three departments within the Walter Maxwell Gibson College of Science and Engineering:

  1. Engineering Technology & Construction Management
    • Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAD/CAM): Students gain experience in mechanical design, layout and design, 3D solid modeling, parametric, kinematics’ analysis, finite element analysis, animation analysis, render, and rapid prototyping. (Rapid prototyping is computerized equipment that builds a three-dimensional model of a casting from a CAD drawing.)

    • Construction Management (CM): This program is designed to develop professionals in the residential and commercial construction industry. Students acquire a working knowledge of construction skills, in addition to directing construction projects, completing jobs on time and within budget, and making prudent business decisions.

    • Electronics Engineering Technology (EET): Students learn fundamental skills in AC/DC circuits, analog/digital devices/circuits, communication circuits, programmable logic controllers, microprocessors and computer programming.

  2. Computer Science & Information Systems
    • Computer Science (CS): Students learn Java and C, C++ programming languages. The degree is ABET accredited and this status is assurance that Southern Utah University’s CS program has met the quality standards set by the computing profession. Furthermore, students can be assured that they will be well prepared for entry into computer science-related professions upon graduation. They also receive a broad education in PC hardware, networking, and network security.

    • Information Systems (IS): Students gain hands-on experience installing, configuring, and troubleshooting various computer information systems, including Windows and Linux. Students receive a solid foundation in networking information systems and securing those systems. ABET Accredited.

  3. Integrated Engineering
    • Integrated Engineering (IE): Integrated Engineering is a combination of mechanical, civil and electrical engineering. Engineers work to meet the varied needs of society by designing and building systems that provide everything from basic necessities such as power, fuel and water to the highly advanced and sophisticated systems such as satellite communications, space travel, high rise office buildings, and supersonic aircraft. ABET Accredited.

Students are required to attend all three sessions. All those participating in the High School Interactive Experience will receive free lunch.

The day concludes with a Closing & Recognition Ceremony around 2pm.

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  • High School Interactive Experience
  • High School Interactive Experience
  • High School Interactive Experience
  • High School Interactive Experience
  • High School Interactive Experience
  • High School Interactive Experience
  • High School Interactive Experience