Integrated Engineering

Strength of Materials Lab

Bending Moment Testing Equipment

In their strength of materials lab, students use this bending moment testing equipment to directly measure beam bending moments.

Photo: Bending Moment Testing Equipment

Strain Gage Testing

Students conduct experiments with strain gages in their strength of materials course to assess strain in test samples.

Photo: Strain Gage Testing

Instron Tensile Tester

Students break specimens in this Instron tensile testing machine to determine tensile strength and other material properties.

Photo: Instron Tensile Tester

Torsion Tester

This torsion test apparatus was constructed in our machine shop. It is used by Integrated Engineering students in their strength of materials lab to measure the shear modulus of various materials.

Photo: Torsion Tester

Beam Deflection Experiment

Students use this apparatus to study beam deflection for bolted and unbolted beams.

Photo: Beam Deflection Experiment