Undergraduate Research

On-Campus Resources

SUU's undergraduate research and scholarship program (UGRASP) provides grants to students, instructors, and mentors to support undergraduate research and scholarship activities. UGRASP also provides information, services, and links to on and off-campus resources which are applicable to all disciplines. 

Students interested in being a research assistant please contact the faculty member you are interested in working with and also the department chair, Seth Armstrong.

The Center for Applied Research & Applied Technologies (CARAT) Seminar is held monthly.  Topics are from mathematics, computer science, engineering, and related fields.

The Math Department Seminar is a monthly presentation on math-related topics.  Please contact Saïd Bahi if you would like to give a presentation.

MATH 4990 Capstone Seminar gives the students the opportunity to research and write a mathematical paper, and make oral presentations of the results. Projects that solve mathematical problems posed by external sponsors from industry are encouraged.