Physical Science


Robert Eves

Dean Robert Eves

Geochemistry, Chemistry

Dean Eves is the leader of the Walter Maxwell Gibson College of Science and Engineering. He is a professor of geology and chemistry, and his research includes geoscience education and the geology of national parks.

Jennifer Hargrave

Dr. Jen Hargrave

Paleontology, Sedimentology, Stratigraphy

Dr. Hargrave's research involves interpreting the ancient depositional setting of new dinosaur discoveries in southern Utah. She is also the advisor of SUU's Sigma Gamma Espsilon honors society chapter.

Johnny MacLean

Dr. Johnny MacLean

Structural Geology, Environmental Geology, Tectonicsy

Dr. MacLean's research includes the structural history of the Bryce Canyon area, the stratigraphic history of the Books Cliffs region, and geoscience education in the realm of experiential education.