Center for Women and Families

About The Center

Mission Statement
The Center for Women and Families is dedicated to the achievement of gender equality and the wellbeing of families through education, advocacy, and providing resources to foster personal and social change and growth at Southern Utah University.

Vision Statement
The Center for Women and Families is dedicated to eliminating injustice and improving the quality of life for women and families at Southern Utah University

Guiding Principles

  • To support the empowerment of all women through action and example.
  • To promote and support a family friendly atmosphere at the Center and around campus.
  • To provide a safe and welcoming space, by maintaining open mindedness and showing respect for all.
  • To educate the campus community about all forms of inequality by way of community organizing, institutional training, interaction and education.
  • To affect global change through local actions and programs.

What We Do
We do it all! From free diapers, condoms, and tampons and pads to Take Back the Night, to Moms and Dads to Grads Support Group, and not to forget Women’s Automotive Days too! We understand that the students on this campus need these services and more and that is what we are here for.

Student Parents May Lower Child Care Costs

Since fall, 2009, the Center for Women and Families has helped administer a grant designed to assist students with young families meet their child care needs. The University received a new four-year cycle grant in October, 2013. The grant – CCAMPIS – Child Care Assistance Means Parents in School – is designed to help subside child care costs for low income parents of young children that are trying to return to the University or desiring to complete a University academic program. The grant covers anywhere from 30% to 75% of an individual’s child care costs. The amount a student parent can receive is based largely on a sliding scale which takes into account the number of credits the student is taking for the current semester and the parent’s Adjusted Gross Income (AGI). Other factors which are taken into consideration including being a single parent; if both parents are students, and family medical issues  Parents desiring to participate in the child care grant must apply each semester. Deadlines are posted on the application and on Apply for Grant Funds.