Graduate Studies in Education

Elective Courses for M. Ed. Students

All elective courses are coded for any student admitted to Graduate Studies in Education, whether the admission is for a degree, license, or professional development. Any graduate education course in the catalog which is not required for the M. Ed. core or for the administrative license may be taken as an elective course. The following courses will be offered in the semesters indicated as elective courses on an ongoing basis as an eclectic group of general electives.

  • EDUC 6020 Information and Technology in Education - Fall
  • EDUC 6440 Creativity in Education - Summer
  • EDRG 6320 Advanced Content Literacy - Spring (offered as independent study only - contact Program Specialist, MEd  (435) 865-8759.
  • EDUC 6710 Multicultural Education - Summer
  • EDUC 6380 Ethics for Educational Leaders - Fall, Summer

In addition, the following courses will be offered and can be taken as electives as noted below:

  • SPED 6120 Applied Behavior Analysis & Management - Even Summers
  • EESL 6300 Foundations of ESL Education - Fall
  • EESL 6320 Assessing ESL Learners - Fall
  • EESL 6350 Involving Parents, Family & Community in ESL Education - Fall
  • EESL 6340 Integrating Language Acquisition & Content Instruction - Spring
  • EESL 6310 Understanding Language Acquisition and Cognition - Spring
  • EESL 6330 Teaching ESL Learners - Spring