American Language and Culture Center

IEP Tuition & Fees

Upon arrival, new ESL students are tested for proficiency in English, then an enrollment counselor will register the learners in appropriate courses. Registration is manual and takes place on-site only.


  • Regular Tuition per 7-week term is $1,800 (for standard load of 2 courses). SUU Homestay Students receive a $100 tuition discount.

  • Reduced-Load Tuition per 7-week term is $900 per course (for learners taking less than 2 courses per term and not seeking graduation from the ESL program. This requires prior approval from the Director or Academic Coordinator).

  • Bridge Tuition per 7-week term is $900 (plus SUU tuition).

  • Part-Term Tuition is *$265 per week.

* Part-term attendance is available only for admitted IEP students who enter classes at the beginning of a term, and attend a minimum of three weeks. All other fees apply such as placement testing, etc. Students must attend placement and orientation before they can be registered for courses. No term grades are given to part-term students.


  • Beginning Fall 1, 2013, all IEP students must pay an international student fee of $75 per term.

  • Also beginning Fall 1, 2013, students may pay an optional additional fee of $47.50 per semester for access to the following:

    • Social programming conducted by the Southern Utah University Student Association (SUUSA)

    • Open Recreation facilities and programs (racquetball, basketball, free fitness courses, swimming pool)

    • Outdoor Recreation activities (educational seminars, equipment rentals, free excursions limited by distance, and subsidized student rate for the climbing wall)

    • Subsidized or free tickets to productions of the College of Performing and Visual Arts

  • IEP students desiring to attend athletic events will be required to purchase a general admission ticket.