Autism Spectrum Timeline

Date: November 11, 2013
Time: 12:00 PM
Location: Entertainment Bureau

The focus will be on our panel, which will present living with Autism from the perspective of those who have autism, and their "external brains" (parents/care takers). We will focus on the lifespan and each parent and child have been assigned an area of focus. We will also focus on accommodations and strategies that communities and schools can be aware of to help those autistic children transitioning into the adult world. The panel will include Brian P. Gomez, LCSW Clinical Director of Utah Clinical Services, LLC, Tess Zicker, MBA and owner/operator of Utah Career Services/ Autistic job coaching services and her son Brendon Zicker, Heidi Bitton home maker and advocate for Autism, mother of 2 autistic children and former candidate of the House of Representatives and her son Garrett Bitton, Twin brothers Taylor and Andrew Ingles transitioning adults both diagnosed with autism and living successfully with the disorder.