Nature's Walking Dead

Date: November 05, 2013
Time: 7:00 PM
Location: Braithwaite Building, Southern Utah University, Cedar City, UT
Category: Arts and Entertainment

SUU Celebrates Halloween with Spirited Special Events

Southern Utah University, Cedar City, Utah: Demons and zombies are coming to SUU via two special presentations that are both educational and entertaining. SUU’s Braithwaite Fine Arts Gallery hosts the two events which celebrate the Halloween season. On Tuesday, October 29th, Dr. Helen Boswell, Associate Professor of Biology, presents the intriguing Breaking Wicked Stereotypes: Angels, Demons and the Paranormal. Then on Tuesday, November 5th, Dr. Jacqualine Grant, Assistant Professor of Biology and Museum Curator for SUU’s Garth and Jerri Frehner Museum of Natural History, offers Nature’s Walking Dead: Zombies Are in Your Backyard! Both presentations begin at 7pm and are free and open to the public.  

Dr. Boswell will be speaking about writing paranormal fiction as a scientist in her presentation, Breaking Wicked Stereotypes. Science is a field of study in which mechanistic explanations are invoked to account for natural and physical phenomena. Conversely, paranormal phenomena do not require a scientific explanation. Dr. Boswell will discuss the bridges she created between science and the paranormal in her novels and how she breaks the “wicked stereotypes” of magic, logic, angels, and demons. The talk coincides with the release of her second book of the Young Adult Mythology series, Mythology: The Wicked.

Nature’s Walking Dead is a unique event covering nature’s zombies. According to Dr. Grant, “The walking dead conjures images of human corpses trailing body parts through the cemetery. Human zombies are a scary thought, but nature, as usual, has an even scarier version of zombification. During this seminar we’ll learn about the real living dead – Nature’s zombies. You’ll hear about frogs that come back from frozen death and suspended animation, ants that live while their brains are eaten by tiny flies, spiders that return to life after drowning, a fungus that enslaves flies and ants, and a parasite that cause mice to want to be eaten by cats.” Join Dr. Grant for this creepy talk about a zombie you might just find in your backyard.

These special events are presented in conjunction with the Jim Jones: The San Blas Years exhibition. In the early 1960s, Jim Jones, a fledging artist from Utah, traveled to the small Mexican village of San Blas. While living there, he decided to capture its people and community on canvas. The results can be viewed in this remarkable exhibit at SUU’s Braithwaite Fine Arts Gallery which runs until November 9, 2013. The Gallery is open TuesdaySaturday, noon–7pm; admission is free.

Celebrate the Halloween season with these two special events at SUU.

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