Meg's Page


Sorry to do this to you, but I have a duty as a new grandfather to post pictures of my new grand daughter Margaret Susan Fink.  


                                Basic Statistical Information:


DOB: April 14, 2004                                                   IQ: way up there

Weight 5 lb 11 oz., 19"                                                Cuteness Coefficient: mean plus two standard deviations

Parents:  Kelly Baker Fink and Michael Fink                Career Aspirations:  Ph.D. economist

Resides: Decatur, GA                                                   Favorite College Sports Team: U of Tennessee Lady Vol Basketball

Favorite Pro Sports Team:  Atlanta Braves                   Personality:   sweet beyond description                              

Favorite Rock Star:  Bob Dylan                                    Politics:  Reagan Republican


Extremely rare shot of baby Meg in bad mood.  With Grandma Susan Baker. Professor Baker with future University of Chicago economist Meg Fink.
Grandma with baby Meg. Proud Mom Kelly Baker Fink.
Grandma with sleepy little Meg. Professor Baker with Baby Meg.  Please note the contentment displayed by Meg when in Grandpa's arms.
Evidence of Cuteness Coefficient. Mom Kelly and Aunt Erin Baker.   Erin is completing art degree at the University of Tennessee and is proud of her new niece.