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NEWS FLASH:  Forrest Fonnesbeck wins regional NASDAQ award!
The NASDAQ Educational Foundation and National Council on Economic Education recently announced that Dixie HS teacher Forrest Fonnesbeck was one of five nationwide winners of the newly established NASDAQ National Teaching Awards Program.  Forrest's winning project was a student-managed investment club for adults.  The prize includes $10,000 cash and an all-expense paid trip for Forrest and his wife to New York City to receive the award.

Joe G. Baker, Ph.D.

Associate Director:
Forrest Fonnesbeck, M.A.
Dixie High School
Spiritual Advisor:

Adam Smith

Most Utahns know TANSTAAFL: There ain't no such thing as a free lunch.
The problem is, most Utahns have never been taught why.

The purpose of  the Southern Utah University Center For Economic Education is to continually improve economic education in schools throughout Utah.   The goal of the Center is that every Utah high school graduate will have an understanding of economics sufficient for them to make informed choices as consumers, producers, workers, and citizens.  To accomplish this goal, the Center offers the following:

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Prague 99:  pictures and information about the international economic education program attended by Joe Baker in Prague, Czech Republic

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