Editorials by Joe Baker


UEA and Teacher Pay (April 2008)

Utah Voucher Law (March 2007)

Minimum Wage (Feb 2007)

Minimum Wage (SUU Journal, Jan 2007)

Election 2006 (Jan 2007)

Milton Friedman (Dec 2006)

Why No Economic Good News? (Nov 2006)

Victory in Iraq (Oct 2006)

Dems Hurl Unpatriotic Charge (Sept 2006)

Vote Matheson, Impeach Bush (August 2006)

Job Satisfaction (July 2006)

Summer Political Potpourri (June 2006)

Black History Redux (May 2006)

Greenhouse Gasbags (April 2006)

Black History Quiz (March 2006)

Baker Voucher Program (February 2006)

Give Students Surplus (January 2006)

NSA Wiretaps (January 2006)

Christmas Books (December 2005)

Clintons Affairs  (SUU Journal, December 2005)

Interest Groups (November 2005)

Stand by Your Man (SUU Journal, November 2005)

Gas Prices (October 2005)

Theatre of the Absurd (SUU Journal, Sept 2005)

War on Terror (Sept 2005)

Riverboat Todd (August 2005)

DDT Has Saved Millions (July 2005)

Rachel Carson, Mass Murderer? (June 2005)

More Guns, Less Crime (April 2005)

Tax Credits, Social Security, ANWR (March 2005)

The Strange Affair of Professor Roberds (February 2005)

The Anti-Democrats (January 2005)

Social Security (December 2004)

Fahrenheit 11/2 (November 2004)

Public-Choice Economics (August 2004)

Rent Control (July 2004)

The Gipper (June 2004)

Spending and Student Achievement (May 2004)

Tax Freedom Day (April 2004)

Free Trade (March 2004)

Minimum Wage (February 2004)

Choice Can Improve Schools (January 2004)

An Open Letter to Governor Walker (December 2003)

Tort Lawyers (Again) November 2003

Tort Lawyers  October 2003

Cedar's Heart and Soul  September 2003
Milquetoast Party August 2003
Diversity July 2003
The Economics of Oz June 2003
Good News for UEA May 2003
Gary Giles April 2003
How to Raise Utah Wages March 2003
Education Luddites January 2003
The Civil Rights Party December 2002
A Taxing Issue November 2002
Vote Matheson, Drain Lake Powell October 2002
The Dudester was Right September 2002
Corporate Crooks August 2002
Economics of Capital Punishment July 2002
R. Thayne Robson June 2002
Graduation Day May 2002
Killing for Safety  April 2002
Iron County Wages March 2002
Utah Education Association Feb 2002
Environment Jan 2002
Crime at Cedar High   May 2001