Please examine carefully these two images of Joe Baker.  I would be interested in which Joe Baker you prefer/find more interesting/laugh the most at.  Let me know at baker_j@suu.edu (all comments welcome). Please check out Separated at Birth?
voting totals to date:  1973 Joe, 17 votes.   1997 Joe, 2 votes.
 Joe Baker, with wife Susan and Kelly (age 6 mo.) circa 1973.  Neo-Marxist economics graduate student pseudo hippie.  Voted for George McGovern.   Quote:  "Nixon lied to us." Joe Baker and family circa 1997: top Nate, Jody, Mike, Kelly, Erin; bottom Joe, Susan, Jesse, Reagan.  Balding conservative right wing capitalist.  Voted for Ronald Reagan.  Quote:  "Clinton lied to us."

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