Survivor Micro

SURVIVOR MICRO is the website dedicated to the gods of marginal analysis. Professor Baker's microeconomics students play SURVIVOR MICRO during the term by answering economics questions and compiling "survivor points." At the end of the semester students with the most survivor points compete in the "final challenge." In the final challenge, one missed answer votes you off the island. The final challenge continues until there is a sole survivor who is rewarded with an automatic "A" for the semester and wins "final exam immunity."

Gallery of Survivor Micro Sole Survivors

Jacob DeMille
Jacob DeMille, the first ever sole survivor! Section 02, Spring 2006.

Travis Young
Travis Young, Spring 2007.

Spencer Brown
Spencer Brown, Spring 2008. Spencer won it on tax incidence of social security.

Zane Baird
Fall 2009 section 01. Winner Zane Baird (center) and second place Lee Wilcken look on in astonishment as Baker explains oligopoly theory.

Joy Harden
Fall 2010 section 01. Winner Joy Harden (right) beat out a tough challenge from Ryan Horlacher. Both are exceptional students.

Austin Cunliffe
Winner Austin Cunliffe (left) beat out a determined Charles Walker in Fall 2011. Both are excellent students.

Peter Burnett
Macro again: Winner Peter Burnett and second-place finisher Brook Ellison. Econ 2020-02, Spring 2012

Michael Coats
Macro 2020-01 Spring 2013. Winner Michael Coats (R) and runner-up Andrew Owen.

John Leach
John Leach, Section 01 Spring 2006. Pictured holding the clicker that brought victory!

Devin Wiggins
Devin Wiggins, Spring 2007

Jason Aiken
Jason Aiken, Fall 2008 Section 01. Jason knows his theory of monopoly.

Kim Bringhurst
Fall 2009 section 02. Kim Bringhurst (left, second place) and winner David Urry flank the brilliant Professor.

Dallin Mills
Fall 2010 section 02. Winner Dallin Mills (center) turned in a brilliant performance. Runner-up Brent Voigt fought hard.

Dawnie Walker
Dawnie Walker (L) held off Olyvia Lindgren to take home the crown in 2010-02 Spring 2012.

Henrie Walton
Fall 2010 ECON 2010-03. Most amazing finish ever. Henrie Walton (far right) and Jake Feild ran out the clock and we had a tie! Jessica Roberts was a strong runner-up.

Jonathan Frehner
Macro Spring 2014.Runner-up Jonathan Frehner (L) put up a tough battle against winner Paul Hendrix.

Kory Shipp
Kory Shipp, Fall 2006. Section 2010-01. A great ECONomist!

Neil Hjorth
Neil Hjorth, Fall 2007.

Aaron Hales
Aaron Hales, Fall 2008 section 02. We are talking nerd, this guy studied consumer surplus during SUU basketball games.

Tyler Bleggi
Spring 2010 section 01. One of the most exciting finishes in Survivor history. Winner Tyler Bleggi (center) nosed out future-barrister Jeremy Christiansen.

Michella Dornbach
Spring 2011 section 01. Winner Michella Dornbach (left) edged out Kaylee Whitmore.

Sam Cole
Sam Cole beat out Amberli Wilde in one of the greatest Survivor finals of all time. Econ 2010-01, Spring 2012.

Darin DeMille
Spring 2013 ECON 2010-01. Winner Darin DeMille (R) edged out David Hasson.

Ian Pierce
Micro 01 Spring 2014. Winner Ian Pierce (L) and runner-up Travis Brady.

Maggie Eyring
Maggie Eyring, Fall 2006, section 02. Maggie beat a tough field of determined challengers!

Jonathan Lee
Jonathan Lee, Fall 2007.

Graham Cheever
Graham Cheever, Fall 2008 section 03. Graham won a hard-fought “Final Challenge”

Brady Coats
Spring 2010 section 02. Winner Brady Coats (right) and runner-up Seung Ho Mok. Both are gifted ECONomists.

Anna Cunningham
Section 02 Spring 2011. In a thrilling final that went deep into the question bank, Ms. Anna Cunningham beat out Tyler Whitlock.

Austin Cunliffe
The first Macro survivor!! Austin Cunliffe becomes the first 2-time Survivor winner in history, besting Nellie Lee in 2020-01, Spring 2012

Matthew Bryson
Spring 2013 ECON 2010-02. What a battle! Matthew Bryson (L) squeaks by RunZhi Lin.

Taylor Nelson
Micro 02 Spring 2014. Winner Taylor Nelson (L) and second place Feleh Alotaibi. Congratulations!