EDUC 3570: Motivation and Management of Diverse Instructional Environments

Course Description: This course examines multiple perspectives on student motivation and the management of learning environments as bases for reflecting on educational practice.  Participants will learn contemporary perspectives on student motivation and proactive strategies for linking theories of motivation to instructional practice and classroom management.  At the conclusion of this course, the successful student will have acquired insight into the important psychological principles underlying student motivation and classroom management and each student will be ready to begin to apply them to his or her own teaching.  Emphasis will be placed on creating positive learning environments in which teachers respond to the personal and academic needs of individual students and the classroom group.

Special Education 4030 - Concepts of Measurement, Assessment, and Report Writing for Students with Mild/Moderate Disabilities

Course Description: The emphasis of this course is the interplay among assessment and teaching activities.  Using a variety of formal and informal tests, the central focus of this class will be how the teacher can evaluate status and progress in reading, language, and mathematics and the implications of student progress for improving teaching.  In addition, this class will provide the connection between gathering assessment information and the analysis and synthesis of data to develop report summaries.

EDUC 6030 Action Research in Educational Technology

 Course Description: This graduate level course is designed to provide students with a conceptual framework and a working knowledge of action research methods within the context of technology education.  Students will explore the vocabulary and processes involved in conduction, interpreting and evaluating educational research as they identify a research project, gather information and prepare a preliminary proposal, collect and analyze data, conduct electronic literature searches and write a formal research report on a topic related to the effective use of technology in classroom instruction.