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The Midterm exam will consist of 50 true/false and multiple choice questions.
The exam will be taken during class time as shown on the class schedule.
You will need a 50 answer scantron sheet and #2 pencil for the test.
It will be open-book in nature and will cover all the class materials
from both text books that have been studed up to the day of the test.

The Final Exam will be a five question take-home essay exam.
The instructor will give you 15-20 essay type questions. The questions may be
comprehensive in nature covering all the materials studied during the semester.
You will choose five of those and write a minimum of 1/2 page single spaced on each question.
The exam will be due on the day and at the time the final exam is scheduled on the official
SUU Final Exam Schedule. Early exams will not be accepted unless prior arrangemens
have been made with the instructor.

Feel free to contact the instructor with any questions.

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