An Undergraduate Research Project is the

Highlight of Our Geology Graduates!

Many students come to me with an idea of what they want to research, but others are open to anything. Together, we can develop the best fit project for you!

Here is a list of current student research projects:

  • Stratigraphy of the Moenkopi Formation
  • Permian corals of southwestern Utah
  • Paleobotany disparity
  • Wildfire effects on stream morphology

Here is a list of completed student research projects:

  • Sedimentology of a plant quarry from the Kaiparowits Formation:

Haight, G. and Hargrave, J.E., 2013. A preliminary paleoenvironmental analysis of a plant quarry in the Kaiparowits Formation of the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument, Utah. Annual Meeting, Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs, 45: p. 127; Denver, Colorado.

  • Paleoenvironmental analysis of tufa:

Cleveland, C., Hildebrand, T., MacLean, J., and Hargrave, J.E., 2013. Tufa Insights into the Late Quaternary Paleoenvironment of Northwestern Arizona. Annual Meeting, Botany Conference, New Orleans, Louisiana.

  • Trace fossils from the Moenave Formation:

Losee, B., Milne, L., and Hargrave, J.E., 2012. Can I Bi-a-Valve? Investigating origins of mysterious casts found in the Moenave Formation at the Dinosaur Discovery Site, St. George, Utah. Annual Meeting, National Conference of Undergraduate Research, Ogden, Utah.

Here is a list of recent personal research projects. Let me know if you're interested:

  • Lake carbonates:

Hargrave, J.E., Hicks, M.K., and Scholz, C.A., 2014. Lacustrine carbonates from Lake Turkana, Kenya: A depositional model of carbonates in an extensional basin. Journal of Sedimentary Research: 84, p. 224-237.

  • Lake sequences in Southern Utah:

Kirkland, J.I., Milner, A.R.C., Olsen, P.E., and Hargrave, J.E., 2014. [in press]. The Whitmore Point Member of the Moenave Formation in its type area in Northern Arizona and its correlation with the section in St. George, Utah: Evidence of two major lacustrine sequences. Utah Geological Association Special Volume.