Fall 2013


Course Outline - Revised 11/14/13


Marketing Plan - Word Outline





Marketing Degree site

VALS site


P&G's Vocalpoint

U. S. Census Bureau

Confessions of a car salesman (

American Marketing Association

St. Lawrence Island, Alaska

Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP)

Supply & purchasing professionals

Global eXchange Services

U.S. Small Business Administration

U. S. Department of Commerce

GSA - How to sell to the gov't.

Federal Business Opportunities site


Nielsen PRIZM

The Persuaders (Frontline)

Wal-Mart: Good for America? (Frontline)

Arts Marketing (thanks to Rachel!)

NASA's patent licensing program
      Robonaut 2 Technology Suite

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

Call for segmentation workshop (AMA)

To Google or google (Thanks to Ryan Schultz)

The subjectivity of Wine Tasting - very interesting re: search attributes influencing experiential attributes! (Thanks to Greg Hamblin)

Profit Impact of Market Share

Salary study Sp 09

A top-10 job

Manufacturers Representatives site

Entrepreneur article on manufacturers reps

MANA site


Expensive watches I
Expensive watches II

Rooms for rent
Rooms for rent II

Saks Fifth Avenue

Armangiri - Lake Powell

GreenBook: Finding market research companies/facilities


Aman Resorts


Evolution (Dove) video




Ch. 1. Marketing: Creating and Capturing Customer Value
     Ch. 1 Class PowerPoints I
     Tom Ryan CLV

Ch. 2. Company and Marketing Strategy: Partnering to Build Customer Relationships
      Ch. 2 Class PowerPoints 
     University mission statement

Ch. 3. Analyzing the Marketing Environment.
     Ch. 3 Class PowerPoints

Ch. 4. Managing Marketing Information to Gain Customer Insights
     Ch. 4 Class PowerPoints
     A Note on Surveys
     NOTE: Skip "Other Marketing Information Considerations," p.117-121.

Ch. 5. Understanding Consumer and Business Buyer Behavior
     Ch. 5 Class PowerPoint
     NOTE:  Skip "Major Influences on Business Buyers" and "The Business Buying Process," pages 152-156.

Ch. 6. Customer-Driven Marketing Strategy
     Ch. 6 Class PowerPoint
      Skip "Segmenting International Markets," p 173-174; skip "Socially Responsible Target Marketing," p. 181-182; Skip "Selecting an Overall Positioning Strategy," p. 186-188.

Ch. 7. Products, Services and Brands
     Ch. 7 Class PowerPoint
    Read p. 194-199, 201-207, 208-212, 215-223.

Demand lecture (Appendix A51-A52) PowerPoints

Ch. 8. Developing New Products and Managing the Product Life Cycle
      Ch. 8 Class PowerPoint
     Read pages 228-Table 8.2, page 248

Ch. 9. Pricing
      Ch. 9 Class PowerPoint

Ch. 10. Marketing Channels
     Ch. 10 Class PowerPoints

Ch. 11. Retailing and Wholesaling
     Ch. 11. Class PowerPoints

Ch. 12. Communicating Customer Value
     Ch. 12 Class PowerPoints
     Skip 'Other Advertising Considerations,' p. 380-382.

Ch. 13 Personal Selling and Sales Promotion
     Ch. 13 Class PowerPoints
     Read p. 390-394; 409-415

Ch. 14. Direct and Online Marketing
     Ch. 14 Class PowerPoints
     Read 420-443.

Competitor Analysis PowerPoint

DECA Information

DECA Guide: Useful for figuring out what DEX does...




Needs and Mission homework

VALS assignment: Go to the VALS site and take their questionnaire, and figure out how they would classify you, and turn in the results Tuesday, Oct. 8.10 homework points

Demand exercise - DUE TUESDAY, NOV. 5

St. Lawrence Island Case - for discussion only. We will discuss it THURSDAY,  Nov. 14. See material below & a link above.

Communications homework (CPA)
Due Thursday, December 5th



Neuromarketing video

Walmart & Katrina (pdf)

Evolution of Dance

Mercedes and Service

St. Lawrence Island Case
St. Lawrence Island Channels figure
St. Lawrence Island Map