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Childhood and fathers in cultural context
Fatherhood in Brazil, Bangladesh, Russia, Japan, and Australia


Fathers in cultural context
Fathering in Japan: Entering an era of involvement with children
Hajimete no shinrigaku eigo ronbun: Kochoshinpan [How to publish psychology articles in English, New Edition]


Fathering in Japan, China, and Korea: Changing contexts, images, and roles
Maternal beliefs, images, and metaphors of child development in the United States, Korea, Indonesia, and Japan
How to write and publish English-language psychology articles and abstracts


Resource loss and relocation: A follow-up study of adolescents two years after Hurricane Katrina
Childhood and adolescence in Asian societies and cultures
Child development in East and Southeast Asia: Japan, Korea, Vietnam, and Indonesia
Bunka to kodo [Culture and behavior] (in Japanese)
Presidential Address: Respect and “repaying the indebtedness” - Cross-cultural and professional perspectives
Hurricane Katrina and local college students: A first-hand report


Research and theory on respect and disrespect: Catching up with the public and practitioners
Forgiveness and religious faith in Roman Catholic married couples


Applied developmental psychology: Theory, practice, and research from Japan
Motivation for abacus studies and school mathematics


Coming to America: Asian fathers cross cultures


Fathering in Japanese, Chinese, and Korean cultures: A review of the research literature
"Are children among the gods?": Parental images of children and childrearing in Japan and the United States


The overwhelming importance of personal relationships for Japanese human development and motivation


Japanese mothers' ideas about infants and temperament
The Japanese father role as viewed across life stages by junior college women


The place of advice: Japanese parents' sources of information about child health and development
Individualistic striving and group dynamics of Japanese fifth and eighth grade boys
Competitive and cooperative attitudes: A longitudinal survey of Japanese adolescents
Cooperative learning in cultural context
The paternal role as recalled by Japanese fathers of junior college women


Structure and dimensions of maternal perceptions of Japanese infant temperament
The father role as viewed by mothers of Japanese junior college women


Development of a course ratings form by college students and faculty
Japanese non-maternal childcare: Past, present and future
Personal investment in Japan and the USA: A study of worker motivation


Cooperation, competition, individualism and interpersonalism in fifth and eighth grade Japanese boys


Educational technology in the Japanese schools: A meta-analysis


School achievement and socialization in Japan: Implications for educators
Japanese cooperative and competitive attitudes: Age and gender effects


College-educated fathers’ view of their impact on school-age children: Japan and the United States